Reply to "Ship out date/ mos"

Originally posted by Aaron Hurley:
More info on me
I have already graduated from high school
Not in DEP
Going to meps in about two weeks
Looking to do MP/dog handler
Going active duty
Want to leave asap

That last line will limit your choices. If you're more flexible you Might get the exact MOS you want. (IF you qualify for it and there are openings.)

When you're at MEPS have several job ideas, the more flexible you are the better chance you'll be in uniform.

They asked me what I wanted, I said "high tech and big bonus". (Bonuses are rare nowadays.) They offered me "Hospital Equipment repair", "Blackhawk (helicopter) Avionics repair", then "Microwave (radio) systems operator/maintainer." Completely different areas!! I picked the last one (I hate hospitals and a helicopter had crashed in a training accident the week before) and loved it from 2000-2009 when I switched to Warrant Officer.

Also, it's sometimes difficult but not usually impossible to change jobs later on.

Good luck!