Reply to "Soldier with Permanent 'NO PT Test Run' profile still running"

Chapter 14-13 Alternate Events of FM 21-20 has the time requirements you have to meet to get a go on the walk, and also the standards of the walk (one foot on ground at all times, etc.).

And according to TC 3-22.20 Appendix A – Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) no mp3 players, CD's, or radios.

A-5. Any piece of clothing not prescribed as a component of the IPFU, ACU or commander authorized civilian attire is not permitted for wear during the APFT. Neither are devices or equipment that offer any potential for unfair advantage during testing. Unless prescribed as part of the Soldier’s medical profile, the wearing of the following items are not authorized: nasal strips, weight lifting gloves, back braces, elastic bandages, or braces. Electronic devices are also not authorized (MP3 players, radios, cell phones, and compact disc players). AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, specifies the components of the IPFU ensemble.

Good luck. IMO the walk is harder.

Originally posted by LuckyLu:

I never assumed that because he has a profile he shouldn't be bettering himself. I thought about this earlier today and I put myself in his shoes. If I was able to do what he was doing, I would go get myself reevaluated. I've had knee issues myself and if my knee was hurting I sure as hell wouldn't be running eight miles.

Do I think it's unfair? No, why would I? He has worked his butt off.

What does it matter if he ran, but was slow? I'm not sure where you are going with this. He has run for distance AND speed.

Would I rather him pull his profile when its time to do something? I believe that might now be happening. We aren't doing formation runs here, but when we get back is he going to pull the 'my knee hurts' card even though the week prior he was running eight miles?

What is my pet peeve? Well, I've done the walking PT test a few times and in my opinion it's ALWAYS been easier than the run. Just to jog my memory, I will do the walk tomorrow. Last time I checked you don't get scored on how fast you walk, just that you complete it.

What happens when this guy becomes an NCO and has Soldiers? He's going to be running and running on his own, but when it comes time for him to do the PT test he's gonna be walking. His Soldiers who have also been running are going to look at him and wonder why he gets to do the run and they don't. They are going to see how he gets a 300 by maxing PU/SUs and doing a walk, while they have to ACTUALLY max the events.