Reply to "Sunglasses while in uniform"

Originally posted by Etch821:
Now would it be wrong of me to correct her by showing her the regulation and my post policy letter on the wear of sunglasses that pretty much outlines AR670-1 CH 1-15?

yes and no-

Right is right, but correcting someone who outranks you must be done with tact and care. I would go ask your 1SG first if he/she thinks your sunglasses are out of reg.

If the 1SG says you're ok, you can say that next time "my 1SG and AR 670-1 para so and so say that the glasses are okay".
----But do it in a Firm yet TACTFUL manner. SSG won't like being told they're wrong!
(HINT: when I corrected someone 4 (Four) E-grades above me about a NEW part of AR 670-1, I was standing at parade rest while I answered their questions....)

(In 2000 you couldn't wear both shoulder straps of a backpack unless you were on a bike or motorcyle. In 2001 (I think) the reg changed. It was in the food court at the PX some MSG stopped my buddy and I wearing both straps. We told him the reg had changed and he said, "are you sure?" and we both said yes with the date of the new reg.... he said he'd go read it and we all carried on.)