Would decline consideration in order to secure your "dream" PCS?

So the title is pretty straightforward.

BLUF: Would you?

More info:

I am a SFC, about to get my first look at MSG. I know that no matter what I will never pin SGM (I have 13 years in, even if I got picked up 1 January by the time I hit 16 years/3yrs TIG I would most likely have to be in at least 21 years assuming I got picked up on my first look), so I don't necessarily care about that.

The money difference is only about $300 taxable dollars, and that isn't all that impressive to me, especially since I have no kids and no bills other than the basics and car payment.

As far as my actual promotion chances...I have over a year of rated time as 1SG, both in garrison and deployed. Twenty-eight months rated as a PSG, 3.5 years as an instructor, with my last PLT having 78 SMs. I have four ASIs including the three most important HUMINT schools you can get plus two critical languages. That being said, I'm also a junior SFC and last year only one person got picked up in my field for MSG in their secondary zone (out of 16 total promotions). All of my NCOERs are stellar, as is PT, weapons, etc. I am cautiously optimistic about my promotion chances but realistic knowing that the odds are against me on my first look.

So knowing all of that...and the board coming up in October. Would you decline consideration to go to your "dream" assignment if it meant that getting promoted would nix going (assuming there are no E8 slots)?

I have had mostly crap assignments in my career, and I was put on assignment for Fort Shafter (INSCOM) in Hawaii...

Also, if you decline consideration one year, does it hurt you the next (besides being behind your peers)?

I'm not sure I really care about MSG unless it's for the "yay I made it" factor. I've already been a 1SG, and I'm not exactly frothing at the mouth to get promoted and necessarily turn right around and do it for another few years.

Your thoughts?
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