Would you be iterested in training as a Jounralist after leaving the army?

At some point, you may wish to think about changing career. Journalism is a popular career for those who are used to an active and exciting life - your brain will still be well and truly engaged, and fast paced deadlines mean you won't be bored. Also, we believe that those who have served the army, and seen a lot of life, may well be the perfect candidates to write the headlines of the future.

Journalist Works runs a course accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) which can provide you with all you need for a new carrer. Run by a team of journalists, in the office of Brighton's daily newspaper, The Argus, the course is intensive but produces fantatsic results. The course runs over ten weeks and is finished off with several weeks work experience.

We would like to know how interested veterans like yoursleves would be in taking on such a course after leaving the army, so we can decide if contacting individuals directly, or setting up communications with the army would be worthwhile.

If you'd like more information, you can view our website at www.journalistworks.co.uk.

Any comments would be very helpful.

Thanks so much for your time,
Journalist Works
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