1 year in kuwait

Any information about Kuwait? I may be going for 1 year hardship to Kuwait early 2016. I have been deployed 4 times so I know Kuwait well, however this would be different being stationed there. Any info would be appreciated
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Kuwait is a vacation deployment.

depenidng on where you will be stationed will depend on how much of a vacation it will be.

for example:
Arifjan- Swimming pool, nice PX, huge base,plenty of MWR/USO tours and also considered the Flag Pole ( alot of high rank)

LSA- Swimming pool, decent PX, fast food, somewhat of a night life as everyone goes through LSA when deploying to and from that region. the Airforce side of the base is nice too, and decent food and PX over there.

Buehring- decent sized base. decent housing, PX, some fast food, and decent WIFI in all hard buildings ($35 a month)i was stationed here. home of the combat shower.

overall, any of the bases are fine. if you are going to be stantioned at Buehring, most likely you will be in some type of hard building, and not tents. take advantage of the MWR activities going on. at Buehring, there was weekly 5k runs, bingo with prizes and other stuff. decent movie theater, and almost monthly USO tours.
all the bases i think have 5k, and 10 mile, half and full marathons.

really the only thing missing is the beer to make it a full fledge vacaction. you will be bored if you are not prepared. enroll in some online courses. if you are looking for any computer certifications.. there is a Pearson Vue testing ce nter in Arifjan, Buehring can do HAZMAT certifications for you 74D's, and there are plenty of other self improvment courses at all the bases.

lets face it... you do not do any patrols in Kuwait. if you leave the base, it is to go to the range, or another base. there are no patrols into Iraq.

so with all that said, you are going to be QRF, or base security ( not gate or tower guards) or you have your job that you are going to be doing there.

remember the speed limit is 20 kph.. 12 mph.. the cops are contractors or MPs, and they dont give a F what your excuse is. i got 3 speeding tickets there.. trust me, it is hard to go 12 mph.. one of those tickets i was driving a scooby van full of troops with my CO and 1SG leading the van.. my CO tore up the ticket on the spot in front of the contractor. he also told me there is nothing i can do to get my lics revoked..

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