12P (Power Prime Production Specialist) TRAINING

I'm seriously considering applying for reclass into the 12P MOS. I know I'm fully qualified for reclassification into the MOS; However, I have concerns about the training environment/experience

Personally, my MOS training was DoD wide, but we (IET soldiers) still had to deal with TRADOC Platoon Sergeants and stupid duty/activities after class - it was a horrible 44-WEEK experience, which I DO NOT want to repeat. Moreover, since I'm getting my degree very soon, I would much rather go to OCS than repeating that same TRADOC experience for another year.

On the other hand, I understand that the Corps of Engineers is in charge of the training; but: Does that mean there's no TRADOC involved for that MOS training?

How's the life at the SINGLE soldier barracks? Are they like open barracks, three-man dorms without kitchens, or like permanent party barracks?

Are the barracks only for 12P soldiers or shared by all the prior-service reclassing?

How many times a weeks do you perform PT? How many APFT do you have to take?

Is there guard/staff duty (or taken-away time) after class?

Thank you in advance!
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I graduated in 2012, so my info is derived from that.

Prime Power falls under USACE, so you will be in a separate world while at FLW. We were treated like adults if we acted like one, whether SPC or SGT. The focus was on learning- the amount of information you are exposed to is huge, and the barriers you learning are minimized. This is not a tradoc environment- everyone is a reclass, and although the curriculum is done to tradoc standards, you are permanent party in a student status. You do what you want in your off time.

We did pt 3 days a week until after academics, then 4 days a week. As far as housing, if you are single you will be in old family housing (kitchen, etc) with one or two roomates in the same area as other single permanent party. You won't have much time for anything but study, and even if you can get through academics without too much stress like I did, I recommend putting your off-time to good use learning as much as you can about power systems and ancillary fields (electronics, electrical testing, project management, instrumentation, etc). What they teach you in even a year of school is literally only a starting point. The earlier you start picking stuff up on your own the better.

You have no additional duties, and I think I did 2 or 3 APFTs while at the school. I was on permanent profile, so I did PT on my own at the gym.

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