13f mos. what where and hows please?

field time all depends on your batt/company commanders....i got a buddy w/in the same brigade, we pcs'd same time, but different batt who has went to the field a handfull of times w/in the last year, like 3 times tops...me on the other hand, i have been to the field at the least once a month, sometimes 2x, for 2-4 days a piece. if you get a commander that doesnt want to do anything or leaves things up to others for final decision you will be hanging out ALOT in the motorpool, in my opinion of course.

at the same time i do want to say that i have a company commander that is trying to turn hhc into a maneuver comany all to itself. LOL
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Im prior service 91b and coming back in at 36 as 13f. Id like to know what garrison is like and how often field and deployments are generally. Im single so Id actually prefer deployments and field.

thanks much

well you WILL get that at FORT DRUM trust me!!

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