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More proof

It was still XM148 when I left 3/27 about a year and a half ago. And I know that the HIMARS isn't a secret weapon, but its a secret if people are open to the knowledge of where it is knucklehead. And please don't try to lecture me on the capabilities of this weapon system. Once again PLEASE find me an Army Times article that states a operational HIMARS unit in Afghanistan.
You're a joke, seriously.

We all have back issues of the shitty Army Times so we can research silly posts like this one.
Guys let me help you out. I just left a GMLRS unit that recently re-deployed from OIF. I served as the Ops SGM, and can tell you that nothing in MLRS is secret!

Soldiers are required to possess a SECRET clearance, but he software used in the launcher (for both HIMARS/MLRS) is only CONFIDENTIAL. There is nothing TS about it.

It is not very secret, when it is used in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and other militaries are about to possess it as well.
I have been a 13M for over 17 years. I wonder how many of you guys I know. I have deployed 4 times as a 13M. I went to Bosnia and Iraq x3. I went to Bosnia while assigned to A-94 out of Baulmholder (after we reflagged from 6/29 and before it became 1/94). I was in Iraq during the surge in 03. Someone mentioned being on FOB Hammer. I was there. We got moved there from Fallujah in 07 i think.. maybe 06? And again in 08-09 on FOB Normandy. All three Iraq deployments were with C-2/4FA. I'm in Afghanistan right now and although I don't even believe it myself, I swear I just heard rockets the other day. Not much else sounds like MLRS when it fires.
So is anybody else having any issues with this new transmission they are giving us. I've had my new one in for maybe 4 months and it's already giving me hell. Yes proper PMCS was conducted. My buddies track is having issues with his new tranny too and he had his for about 6 months

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