Can anyone give me an idea of what a 14J does in Garrison?

On Deployment?

Promotion potential E-5 and above?

What is life like in Japan? Is it hard to get?

the TAGDS class, hard to get? Does it enhance assignment and promotion potential?
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well let me start off by saying that i am a e-4 14T currently in my 5th year of service. As far as promotions go for 14 series as a whole, would be slow. 14J and 14E pointes tend to be lower than 14T but for the past 4 years points have stayed pretty high(798-600). And for life in Japan right now is horrible. I was one of the first to go over there back in 2006 and things were good but considering that i just returned back in april i can say that things are bad. The marines over there are CONSTANTLY doing stupid shit. And as a result it has affected all military personnel stationed there. The only good thing Japan has goin for itself right now is the cola pay!

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