15E Duty Stations

You'll be able to go anywhere. Shadow platoons are now required to be in every brigade and there's even group slots. It's a boring job though, same thing day in and day out. You'll never be a 1SG or CSM, as a 15E you wont even be able to hold platoon sergeant slots.
If that is the case then why in the MILPER Message does it state that reclassing to 15E will offer greater promotion potential and upward mobility in CMF 15? I know there are not many PSG slots right now but it is a fairly new MOS. I am guessing they are trying to plus up SSG's to make SFC in the near future. I have been researching this a little bit by looking at all the slots on FMSWEB and it seems to me that they are going to be trying to change this.

15W's can't run the entire UAS community can they?
Currently only 15W's can hold PSG spots, the Sergeant First Class 15E slots are section sergeant positions. The majority of those slots are currently being held by Staff Sergeants and even some Sergeants though, so I could understand pushing Staff Sergeants into the rank of Sergeant First Class. But maybe things will change now that 15E is a real MOS and it's not just made up of several different MOS's and people DA selected for the position. I just don't see it happening until all the Shadow platoons, ERMP platoons, and Hunter platoons are completely fielded and the ERMP platoons wont be completely stood up for another 2 years. I hate sounding so negative, or coming off that way, but it just seems like 15E gets a low deal right now. 15E's can't even completely sign off on their Soldiers becoming crew chiefs, you can train them but then it's a 15W that says if he's good enough to crew chief.
Just FYI had to deal with a branch manager talking about this crap a month back and the issue with 15E atm is all of the 15J's that got shoved into the slot. Slots will open up once more 15E's with higher rank enter into the field. Since it's brand new and almost all "real" 15E's are new soldiers fresh from the school house it's a bit odd. I'm a 15W and the 15E sergeant first class we have is a J and he'll run the echo's during deployment.
Originally posted by machsoldier:
So you are saying promotion potential is pretty decent then? Is there a lot of electrical troubleshooting for these? I really dont know anything about this MOS besides what I can find online and that isnt very much.

It depends. Promotion potential is far and away better as a 15W. I think we had above 800% for E-5 and 600% for E-6 or something ridiculous. It's not bad as a 15E but it's nothing amazing at the moment. Depends on how they change everything with the 15J's since they flooded the field.

Most of the electrical stuff has to be done by a contractor honestly but i'm in a brand new unit thats set up differently than most others so it might be different. I can try to answer any questions you have and ask some friends if i can't answer it myself. About the best i can do for you.
I was a 15J and was automatically changed to 15E, it's how they're doing all of us.

There's close to no electrical troubleshooting, you only have one wire harness that even runs through the shadow. As long as you have a basic understanding of what each box inside the bird does then any problem is a quick fix. Even when you do have a problem that will stump you there are Field Service Reps. who work for AAI (the company that designed the shadow) that are a part of your platoon and will help expedite the finding of a solution. Some problems you'll have to go to them on because as a 15E you won't even have wiring diagrams, AAI keeps them secret and only the FSR's can use them.

Oh and if it helps you understand how easy this is...I've never used a multimeter for the shadow.
Everything depends on what platform you are placed on. Shadow is almost everywhere CONUS and OCONUS. The other platforms are limited to two or three duty stations. You will most likely work on the shadow.

As far as promotions are concerned, that is getting better. Slots were just opened last year for 15E30 and 40 level. But you can be placed as a Platoon Sergeant, it just depends on your units MTOE. Those are also changing constantly as the Army feels out the need for these positions.

Ft. Rucker just started the 15E ALC, and a SLC is supposedly in to works. Good luck in you new job.
I'm currently at Ft. Huachuca for this very milper message reclass. I am also a 15J.
Yes, ALC and SLC is now up and running for 15E's. I was just there in December.
There are multiple places you can go. I'm going to 173rd in Germany, MI Co. There is another non airborne Shadow company in Germany, 2 in hawaii etc. Most of them are MI co's. The SF groups are starting to open their doors to the 15 series, so bragg and Fl units are full. FT. Campbell is the 1st to have the Shadows in the Sqaudron within the CAB. They are the testers and if it goes good, the rest of the army with have Shadows in the CAV.
I am slotted for 40 level. I really don't care if we work under W's. I'm just happy to be in this career field.
Originally posted by machsoldier:
I have been mingling around and have noticed that the only units that 15E's are in seem to be are Division Special Troops Battalions (DSTB), MI Battalions and Special Forces Groups.

How true of a statement is that?

At Fort Stewart all of the Shadow platoons are in Brigade Special Troops Battalions not DSTBs. But then everyone that's been in 3rd ID knows that they like to do their own things. :[
I have been speaking to the branch manager specifically about duty station availabilities and there is no indication of the 160th at Huachuca relocating anywhere. All of the available duty stations for the MOS can be found on the HRC website. But they also depend on whether you stay shadow or if you're selected for a different airframe. The only stations available for ERMP for example are Riley, Hood, Drum, Stewart, and the 160th at Campbell and Huachuca.

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