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I am looking for some information regarding 160th. I have been in the army almost 2 years and I am re-classing to next year. Does 160th take medics from AIT? I attempted to get the application to take a look but the website is down. I also know you must be a medic for 12 months before going to flight medic school, does 160th wave this or would I go after Airborne and Phase 1 of the Special Forces medic coarse? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank!
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Support MOSes for 160th have VERY few slots, WHY on earth would they take someone with about 2 years time in service?

I ask that to help you better understand that the answer to all your questions is no.

If you were an Aviation MOS which the unit is mainly composed of then you could go from AIT, and it isn't anything you need to be top of the class for, as I know one 15U that barely passed AIT, and any PT test ever and did not volunteer for the unit and was sent after AIT. Do your best to obtain the SQI "F", which should secure positions in Aviation, and help you accomplish many of the goals you would like to accomplish in the Army.

Knock out your flight phys, it can be done overseas, and it disqualifies many soldiers.

After all that is why 15W has been on BEAR for years (because you need a full fight phys).

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