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I am going to ARC on 18Aug. However, im going on leave before I report to the school. I was wondering if someone could send we an example of their welcome letter because I haven't got one yet. Just to give me a better idea of what I may need before I pack up and leave. For example, I read here that some of the school will be in civilians so I imagine I would need to pack accordingly. Also what is the GTC PCS? I have a GTC but I'm not sure about the PCS part. Also I will be stationed in Rock Hill, SC and my battalion is Columbia, SC, which place will i get my BAH for?
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You get a welcome letter when you report, you should look online and get the packing list and pack accordingly, in 2008 no part of the school was in civilians, now you might have some kind of event that you might need to go to (class dinner, etc) but nothing in school.
Business casual, kahkis and a polo shirt (dont wear your running shoes with this, bring nice shoes) LOL...yeah we didnt need to dress in civilians to do "role playing" we just did it in ACUs....yes you can either make a scrapbook before coming to the schoolhouse or make it there, so bring pictures of your career in the Army to put on there (dont forget your family if you are married)....I did a crappy one and then my wife made the one I used for 3 years in recruiting...
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What about BAH. Do you get if for where your battalion is at or where your little recruiting station is?

Im pretty sure it depends on how far you are from your BN, like I was 40 miles away and BAH was the same, but im pretty sure the stations that were further away got a different BAH (oh BAH was based on the BAH my recruiting station was) but again it was the same as the battalion...

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