BLUF: NCO has two NCOERs which are effectively the same; same rated thru dates, senior rater comments, etc.

The differences from what I am looking at tells me it looks unfinished, the rating blocks do not make sense for the bullets and the reworded bullets in the one on hand are much better presented.

NOTE: They are both signed so if you ask me "why" I have no idea. It didn't make sense to me either when I asked.

One as been uploaded to OMPF already the other one is in hand and was also submitted using his myforms after the fact.

From what it looks like it was just uploaded as soon as it was signed and they caught numerous issues after, fixed some issues and never fixed it online and instead gave him a digital copy/hard copy.

The issue is I've looked at IWRS and it has been showing Document w/ Examiner for over 5 weeks now with no responses to emails. (By me or the NCO)

I'm seeking advice because I do not know where to take the next step of getting this solved.
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Did you ask the NCO why they are signed? Everything is digitally signed today, so he had to do it.

He will need to talk to his S1 about this issue.

I had an OER with examiner status for about 5 weeks too but it was during sequestration.

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