21P School questions

If all goes well, I will be attending the 21P AIT in April... August if there are hiccups.
Some info I would like:
FT Belvoir housing for a married soldier, spouce is EFMP due to bad car crash that trashed her ankles, can't walk up stairs without major pain. Looks like most housing is built in the 2 story "Brownstone" style. Any chance of getting into a single-story on-post?
What is the school really like?
Noticed that if I decide to go Warrant later on, that there are 2 paths.... one for land-based, the other for marine power supply. Any real info on that?
Hawaii is listed as a possible duty station... what are the chances of actually getting it? Like I said, my wife is EFMP and the climate would help her a lot. I care not if I am off supporting the 25th ID all the time, or do typhoon relief in the Pacific. I joined the Army because GI = Guaranteed Income and I am here to support my family.
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