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ya lose about 50 pounds

Are you freaking serious? That is your 2 cents on how to help this person?


Do what I did, a lot of cardio. But don't forget your basic push-ups and sit-ups. You should incorporate it all in a regiment. Also watch what you eat. With a lot of people, it isn't what they eat, it's the portions of what they eat.

Also, disregard others who leave negative/sarcastic comments. Set your mind to it and good luck!
1) Write down everything you eat and keep track of how many calories you consume in a day. Now, I was 5'7, about 180 and in order for me to lose a pound a week w/out exercise, I had to consume no more than 1800 calories a day. That's where writing everything down helps. Sometimes you don't even realize where extra calories sneak in.
2) Drink water, drink water, drink water. Stop drinking your calories too. Soda, sweet tea, and coffee drinks are easy ways to pack on the calories w/out you even realizing it.
3) Walk! Brisk walking is one of the best ways to shed pounds as well as inches. Definitely work on your running though as you will have to do it for the Army obviously. But walking is a good way to start and continue it even when you do start a running routine.
4) Stay positive! It's hard but worth it. I was about 190 lbs when I first talked to a recruiter. I worked my butt off and in about 6-8 weeks was down 20 lbs and I passed the tape test by about 3%.

Feel free to PM me if you need anymore help. Good luck! :-)
Thanks you guys, I was 184lbs a month ago. but my car broke down and I was unable to go to the gym like i had been. Basically, I got a little depressed and gained some of the weight back. I know I was wrong for getting so frustrated so quickly, but when I couldn't go to the gym, I kind of lost my support system there. That's why I finally decided to turn to a forum to fill that void.
I'll keep everyone posted of my progress, comments and suggestions are very much welcomed. Just in some need of support, can't find it at home.
Im 21 same height same weight. but my waist is 34 hips 44. when i told my recruiter my weight i said 185 when im reality im 195, she said i needed to lose ten to twelve pounds because i only needed to lose 5 percent off body fat. my question is do i really need to lose 22 pounds then?
also, a good diet, that is on the go guard website is a chemical 3 day diet, im on day one of it right now, and ive heard of a lot of people who have had success. go on google and type in chemical 3 day diet and it will be the first thing to come up. Its kinda a weird diet, u have to follow everything exactly, but i guess it will be worth it, i am really wanting to join by begining of year as well. good luck!
no you dont have to lose the 22 pounds as long as you pass tape.

and to redleg, yes that was my advice...lose 50 pounds how was that negative at all? because i didnt tell her how to do it?

ok here ya go every day from now until you have met your goal burn more calories in the day than you consume.

its too damn simple, this is a civilian thats about to join the military, she didnt ask to be coddled or sugarcoated she asked what she needed to do and there is her answer
Ok well here is my 2 cents, 1st off your not just dropping weight to join the Army you should do it to better yourself.

Just because you drop weight to get in is not going to help you be able to pass weight and tape when you get to your unit. Getting IN is the easy part, staying in and being successful is the difficult part. Save yourself the embarrasment and prepare yourself now.

Chemical Diet? thats a short term fix and a waste of $$$. Put forth some effort and hardwork and prepare yourself. In the Army you run, and you will run alot and everyone in this forum knows that if as a young Soldier you continually fall out of runs and fail APFT's you will be labeled a failure. As wrong as it may seem this is the Army and being physically fit is your responsibility. If your peers cannot count on you to finish a company run what makes you think they will have confidence in anything you do after that.

Anyone whos sugar coats this fact is wrong. It is not lose 5 pounds and then Join.

This was not meant to offend anyone but simply voice the truth .. I believe ..
Man all I got to say is slow and steady is way better than them quick fixes. You will keep the weight off better if you do it slow and steady. If you want to lose weight cut calories and carbs... as americans we go by the 2000 calorie a day diet (which I would say most people go beyond that), but do you think you burn or need 2000? Im 5'10" and would say I need an 1800 calorie a day diet under normal circumstances. And if you can't drive to the gym, you can run there, or just run a route near your home. Running will get you best prepared for the army and help you lose weight. Just think about what you eat more, because like I said that is a huge issue with our society.I would get more advice from a real nutritionist, though because everyone is different. Good luck!
There is some good information here. Maybe this will inspire you. I am 34 years old and 295 pounds. About two years ago I was 380 pounds. I dropped most of that weight by watching what I ate. I am losing the rest by excerising. I went back to college last fall and joined Army ROTC this past spring semester. I couldn't run 50 meters before I had to start walking this past January. I could do only 1 pushup and no situps. We are just finishing the Spring semester and I can do my 2 mile run in just under 30 minutes, I can do 10 pushups and 20-25 situps. It does not happen overnight. I also took a basic weight training class at school and began putting on muscle that I had lost over the years. So while I have not losdt pounds I have lost bodyfat as I have dropped two pant sizes from 48 to 44 and from from 2x and 3x shirts to XL. I am getting in shape for myself as well as to get into the military as an officer. You are still young and you have time. If you are interested in becoming an officer give college and ROTC a try. There are many scholarships available to help you with school. If I can do at 34 (35 next month) you can do it at 22. Hooah!

Sierra Bravo, Out.
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i'm 22 yrs, female, 5'6" and a half, 190lbs. 38 in waist, 42 in hips. i really want to join the guard by the beginning of the year. any tips to help me achieve this goal?

I know this is a bit off topic, but just have a question. What made you want to join the guard.
This might sound bad but if you think about it, it's a great way to drop weight the right way and builds confidence in the process. You pole dance. I actually dance and it's gotten me into amazing shape and in a 3 mo period I dropped 3 pant sizes. You're working your entire body climbing, swinging, bending and whatever else you can do. All of the strength and endurance will help out during training camp.

(I teach classes and work in a club maybe 5 days a month)
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Seriously? One this is an old post. Two pole dancing? This is the army lets keep it within those boundaries.

There's nothing wrong with pole dancing for exercise. She's not talking about exotic dancing in a club, although that's where this type of workout originated.

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