I was hoping I could share some background information about myself and ask current 255Ns whether they think I’ll have a shot at being selected in May.

Prior to enlisting in the Army Reserve I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems.

I have been in the Army Reserve as a 25B for 2 years. At 25B AIT I earned A+, Network+, Security+, CCT, and CCENT.

I am currently a Corporal positioned as a squad leader and have completed WLC. I have been recommended by a promotion board for E5 but as a 25U because there are no 25B E5 slots anywhere near where I live. Since I am not MOSQ as a 25U yet, I have not been promoted. I have no NCOERs.

I have four years combined civilian experience as an Intern, Help Desk Analyst, Technical Support Analyst, Network Engineer, and currently as a Systems Analyst.

I am working on my 255N packet now with a high speed accessions NCO and just completed the resume portion of the packet.

If not selected, in a year I will have: an additional year of civilian experience, completed 25U reclass and promote to E5, 1 NCOER, CCNA, CASP, and will finish my Master’s in Cyber Security and Information Assurance which will include CEH and CHFI in addition to the degree. 

I am a highly motivated individual and really want to be selected this year so that I can complete CCNA, CASP, and CISSP while at Fort Gordon for WOBC but I am willing to study and pay for the certs myself over the next year if I’m not selected this time to make myself more competetive next year. 

Any advice or mentorship you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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