25B school @ FT Gordon

so reclassing after i redeploy back to the states.

i have found the course information, and general stuff out there for the course, and for the most part, i think i am good on that. I guess i am looking for any additional input from someone who may have gone through the course recently? like within the last 1 year to 2 years tops.

Any secret hand shakes i should know about?
What good bars, resturants?

I know i will be a MOS-T.
i know as an E6, i'll be in a leadership role.

I work in the IT field in my civilian life and have certifications (A+, Sec+, MCSE: Sec) to do a DA4187 on 80% to 90% of the course material. I just would rather go through the whole thing and get a understanding of the military network instead of just assuming.

so i know ill be bored with some of the course material.

please dont get on a soap box and preach the "your there to learn, not party or have fun" rant. I am well aware what i am there for.
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1- You will be bored out of your skull.
2- Signal Soldiers are a curious bunch. They're WISE(ass). Big Grin

Since you won't be challenged by the classroom, use the opportunity to grow as an NCO. Your 'talons will be taken' when you sign in. You'll be told to leave the PVTs alone, that you're still expected to act like an NCO, but can't do most of the things an NCO would.

DO NOT start any relationships with MOS-I Soldiers. They told us if you saw one go down from a heart attack, "Drop a chemlight on them and go tell someone". Someone else said if we were driving by and there was a tornado "Don't let them in the car- yell at them to run faster!" ((Kidding but you get the point.))
-----Make sure you see ID at the clubs/bars. I wouldn't mess with them if they are SPC or below and the ID card isn't more than a year old. Some MOS-I at Gordon HAVE been there for a year or more..

Anyway, since you can't make your classmates do extra duty or pushups or anything else, you have to find a way to influence them to do the right thing in other ways. When I was teaching AIT, we had a SSG who could just clear his throat and the entire class would shutup and wait for him or the instructor to say something. He was firm and an example of proper Military courtesy, respect, and bearing- to the instructors (civilian or military) all the way down to the lowliest PVT. He took charge of whatever class he was in (cleanup at the end of the day, whatever) and left no room for the Soldiers to question his authority. (he was friendly with them but didn't get too "chummy" with them. PVTs are NEVER your battle-buddy.) He didn't make threats he would never go through with. "Knock it off now or we're going straight to your 1SG." (with a glaring eye that stopped that PV2 dead cold.)

On the other hand, your fellow MOS-T Soldiers need an example. Training is so tedious, long, boring, unchallenging, they start to whine about crap that wouldn't matter in the real world. NO, you don't really need to be in formation for 20min listening to whoever give their "war story" of flying over Iraq that one time. But when you start complaining too you're just becoming part of the Ft Gordon problem. Be the better NCO.

That being said, you'll find out pretty quick where to stay away from for fun. Go outside Augusta/ Ft. Gordon. Savannah is beautiful, less PVTs there too!


You'll be a little out of place when you get to your Signal assigment after training. Some will resent you for jumping over without the long helpdesk time they had to suffer through. Learn all you can, there's no shame in asking a PFC how to do something. You won't be doing the 10- level tasks all the time but you should learn how All of them are done so you can instruct and check up on the work.

Good luck- welcome to the Signal Corps!

(former 25P AIT instructor)
A cocky IT guy? Nahh never. Smiler

Hellz, welcome to the Signal Corps and since Autobahn and myself are Signal Warrants; perhaps we can have the pleasure of working together in the future.

First, here are some quick links that you should know

Signal Soldiers FM http://www.fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm6-02-43.pdf

Landwarnet 25B online/refresher training

S6 Community Portal

And the website where all your certs and training is uploaded and tracked

I was at Gordon last in 2008 and should be there next year for my advanced course.

The city of Augusta is decent and not as live for a nighttime spot but it is doable to relax and unwind.

Those AIT sergeants will leave you alone but set the example and I dont know (if you are married) but obviously stay away from the AIT female privates that can ruin the career of any NCO.

Like Autobahn said you will be bored because you will learn and test on the real basics and many of your reclasses never touched a computer in their lives.

Depending on your first assignment will determine the amount of hands on and privileges you will have on the network. Meaning if you go to a tactical Signal unit; you will get a lot of hands of. If you go to a non-Signal unit; it will be minimal since the civilians at the NEC run the show.

Welcome and Good luck.
Thank you Chiefs for you inputs. It is much appreciated.

I should have mentioned that i am National Guard, but thats always an option to change if things change in my life that AA is the best option.

Thank for the links. I have found them already before when i was hitting the research hard on the MOS and trying to find out about a Sys. Sec Analyst (my position title). I got my Certs loaded in to ATC already, and already a member on the AKO portals for 25B's.

I enjoy working with comps and network stuff, so going Warrant isn't out of the question once i get time in the MOS.

anyways, thanks again Chiefs!
Originally posted by Hellz:
I enjoy working with comps and network stuff, so going Warrant isn't out of the question once i get time in the MOS.

You're welcome- sorry for respnding really late but Warrant is the best rank in the Army! Look at the requirements to apply and push for it. It might take a while (I entered army/activeduty April 2000, applied for Warrant 2006, applied again 2009 before I got accepted) but it's Totally Worth It!

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