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I know this has already been posted but it never hurts to revisit a topic. I just had a few questions about 25E. I am currently a 25P, SGT Promotable, and looking to further my carrer since points have been maxed out for 5 months. I am planning on going warrant once I hit 8 yrs TIS and wanted opinions on switching to 25E with 6 yrs in.


- Does a 25E still go for 254N and 251N?

- What are the promotion opportunity's for E-7 right now (friends question)?

- Can you be stationed in DC or Germany?

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I am by no means an expert when it comes to 25E, but this is my understanding. Right now promotion to SFC is pretty good because its a brand new MOS and they have to fill the ranks. That being said, the MOS layout for it that I have seen (this was about 2 years ago though so take it for what its worth) shows that it will definately bottleneck the higher you go. My understanding is that once you are a 25E, it will lead all the way up to 25E SGM. But obviously, the higher you get, the less slots there are to fill. 25E is authorized at all tactical levels from BCT up (including Division and Corps) so that will definately include any tactical units in Germany. As far as non-tactical (most of the DC area) jobs, I honestly have no idea.

For your questions about warrant, one thing you should be aware of. In another year or two, 254, 251 and 250 will not exist. 250 will be come 255N (same basic networking job that 250N currently is). 254 and 251 will combine and become 255A (automations warrant). Finally there will be the addition of 255S (IA) which you can transition to as a CW3. At least at the BCT, the 25E will work for the 255S (last time I saw anyway). It doesn't tie directly into either 255A or N. That being said, it is still most definately possible to get picked up for warrant as 25E (I would have to guess that you will have a better chance as a 255N).
Well, actually our 25E works for me (BDE 250N) AND the 251A (255A). He does the satellite freqs and bandwidth with me but spends more time working with the FM comms/ tacsat, etc....

Some of the Signal Warrant MOS are "open to everyone IF you have proper training/skills". Depending on the prior-25E skills (you can't get 25E unless you're a SSG, right?) would mean which Warrant MOS you should look at moving into.

I would agree that 25E would be more likely to be closer to 255N than 251A.


Chief "Pyro" nailed the 25E promotions. They were at 100% promotion rate the first couple years, but now I think the E-9 and E-8 slots are filled.

Yes there would be 25E slots in Germany: 7th Signal Bde (Tactical) or 2nd (Strategic)? Not so sure about DC. Find a career counselor and ask them!

Remember that it's a small MOS so you would be fighting a very small amount of NCOs for the assignments you want. Gets trickier the higher you go, too.. Wink

(255N, former 25P)
I just finished the 25E course not too long ago. In my eyes there are no "Cons" to converting to this MOS. Great promotion potential, great skills acquired, and if eligble a huge bonus. You will become part of the staff...no more Platoon Sergeant or 1SG duties, you will be responsible for your units freq request and deconfliction of the EW stuff. Your supposed to start off at the BCT level...Only a handful of us went to BCT's... the rest went to Division and Corps level slots, which is a lot of responsibility. However you are not alone, you have the whole Spectrum community that is just a phone call away...If you would like some more info let me know.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the promotion from SGT(P) to SSG is handled once the 25E course is completed and the new MOS is awarded. From my understanding the promotion would come on or before the 1st after the first full month once the course has been completed. As of right now, not even one of the four SGT(P) from my graduation class have been promoted. And we graduated in mid September 2012. Can someone help and explain if I(we) have missed something or... what's going on?

Welcome to the forums. First, just FYI it is generally considered bad form to bring back a thread that is well over a year old. Secondly, your question is only even barley related to the original topic (hint, just start a new thread and you'll make friends here a lot quicker).

In response to your question....So you have gone through the 25E (I guess you call it AIT/SLC/whatever the hell it's actually called) and been awarded the MOS? Is 25E reflected on your ERB? If so, then at the first of the month your points should be looked at based on the cutoff score for 25E instead of your old MOS. If you made it, then you should be pinning on. Granted I am not a HR guru by any means but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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