25N Training

Just got through with 25n school..

You'll be in Fort Gordon, GA which is right next to Augusta. They have a great mall, a college, and good bars near by.

You'll be in 15th Signal Brigade, 551st Signal battalion, Alpha company (MOS-T company, MOS-I company is Charlie)

My total time in Fort Gordon was around 5 and a half months.. and got finished about 3 weeks ago. They said that upcoming people into the mos will be there 3-4 more weeks because they are starting to get WIN-T equipment (which if i can remember correctly is the JNN v4s and above).

The training is VERY easy, a trained monkey could pass the course, its just VERY LONG and for the first 6-7 weeks is nothing but powerpoints you have to fight to stay awake for.. But the tests on the equipment are incredibly dumbed down and you will do the equipment so many times over and over it is will become cake

You will be tested over the following equipment:
Voice Gateways
Patch Panel

If you have any other questions just ask Smiler
Good luck to you JasonT. I am currently at Gordon as an AIT Platoon Sergeant and wildcat pretty much nailed it. You will be MOS-T in 551st which is just like any other organization with basic standards to follow but not as bad as what the privates go through. You will still need to check into 15th RSB but the company building you will stay at is the un-renovated old building directly across from Darling Hall. Once again, good luck.

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