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Yeah and I heard that rumor resurface EVERY 6 months since I got to AIT.

In June 2000.

You can look at my other posts about the MOS- The Army isn't quite sure what to do with 25P and merging with 25S is a decent option. So is keeping everything like it is right now.

But if and when they finally decide to change the MOS, you'll see "official" stuff, not just rumors (Which usually start at Ft Gordon)...

(Former 25P AIT instructor)
Yea they actally put it out in memo format proposed cross-training between 25P and 25S. Dates where set to change in 2011 and some in 2012. This would change the NCOES format so that NCO's attending ALC and SLC would gain the 25S or 25P training, respectivly.
Yes, I have a copy. It's a 31 page PDF file. It covers the merge of 25P into 25S and the deletion of 25P MOS. 25P, 7D positions will be given to Ordanance. I know they have been talking about it but nothing offical has ever come out until now. These documents are dated 22 October 2010. 25S will be redesigned to incorporate 25P training with a start date of 1 October 2012 for AIT. The RNCOA will change it's program to "enhanced" 25S30 ALC with a training start date of 01 October 2011.
Bndcks8t sent me the memo, I can forward. It's 1.9MB. PM me an email address..

Memo says 25S will start new training (with 25p tasks) by Oct 2012. "Retrain" classes for 25p and 25s will start by Oct 2011.

I also called AIT-land, they haven't been told exactly what's going on but know that 25P will be cut for sure.

Sucks that I just reclassed last year. At least I haven't even done my job at my current location, so nothing lost there. I work with a bunch of 25s' here maybe can get some training from them. How will this affect strategic side?I'll PM my address.
Originally posted by BndckS8t:
25P 7E will transition to 25S for strategic purposes. 25P 7D will be transitioned to Ordnance.

The job tasks will get transferred. I didn't read anything abou transferring 25P7D Soldiers to Ordnance Corps- that would be kind of crazy.
Originally posted by Jroc021:
So, I am a 25P7E, when/if the conversion to 25S takes place what are the chances of getting the 1c school? Always looking ahead! Wink

Prerequisite is probably 25S MOS first.

So I'd say as say as soon as you get the different MOS identifier 'official' you should start trying.

I'll forward the memo as soon as I can get logged into AKO..
Originally posted by AutobahnSHO:
Originally posted by BndckS8t:
25P 7E will transition to 25S for strategic purposes. 25P 7D will be transitioned to Ordnance.

The job tasks will get transferred. I didn't read anything abou transferring 25P7D Soldiers to Ordnance Corps- that would be kind of crazy.

Yea if you look on the first memo it says that all training and positions for 25P 7D will be 94E's. In talking with some retention people and branch it seems this will also be a mos conversion since they absorbed those positions, hence why 94E's are now getting promoted.
Sorry about the delay on the answer to your post, but I was at ALC when the word came down on the merge being denied....Is it being reworked???? That I don't know, as I have yet to get any word back to from any of my connections.....will work and see what I can find out though.
That is the information we were given during ALC, that 25P was going away and they were going to stop training for 25P in AIT and ALC, but then a couple months ago we recieved the letter stating 25P phase out would take a few years, but were not given a hard date. Here is that email. This email is from 4-29-11..

Since there are so many rumors running around pertaining to the possible upcoming changes to the 25P MOS, I have been trying to run to ground exactly what is the correct answer. I just got off of the phone with the 25P MOS Proponent Office trying to get some updated information pertaining to the future of the 25P MOS. As of today, there is still no approved change to the MOS and as such, those Soldiers that are in the rank of E4 and below that are reenlisting will NOT be able to reenlist as a 25P since there is not an INCALL for that MOS due to it being over strength. This means that you will have to select a different MOS for reenlistment or get promoted to the rank of E5 or above prior to reenlisting to stay as a 25P.

Now, here is what is being proposed for the future of the 25P MOS, so we can try to dispel some of the rumors that are circulating right now. Keep in mind, that this is what is being PROPOSED and has NOT been approved yet. First, they are proposing to delete the MOS 25P7D completely. They are also proposing to have the MOS 25P7E subsumed by the MOS 25S. This means that the two MOS's will be combined and designated as 25S.

What does this mean for you as a Soldier holding the MOS of 25P? Depending on what your EL score is on the ASVAB (not the GT score) will decide what you need to do or will happen. Currently the MOS 25S requires you to have an EL score of 117 to join that MOS. There is a proposed 1 point waiver across the board for those personnel that are currently 25Ps. If the approval goes through, you will go home one day as a 25P, and the next day, if your EL score is 116 or higher (you can check this score on your ERB if you are unsure of what your score is), you will return to work and be a 25S. For those that have an EL score below 116 you have a few options you can do: you have the opportunity now to try to raise your EL score through retaking the ASVAB; you can change your MOS prior to this date if there is no INCALL (right now that is the E4 and below) through re-enlisting or possibly submitting a DA Form 4187; or you can do nothing and at the time this goes through you will be re-classed automatically to needs of the Army. Re-classing to needs of the Army will mean that you will probably be given a list of about 3 MOS's to choose from and that will be what you will re-class to. These are usually not the best MOS's out there, so I would really lean toward recommending one of the other options.

If you are one of the lucky ones that are automatically re-classed to the MOS of 25S, there is a proposal in to provide funding to send all of you back to AIT to get the training needed. If the proposal for the funding is shot down, then you will be getting OJT only. The MOS of 25S, if approved, will then be responsible for their current mission (satellites), and will also be responsible for the "old" 25P mission of Tech Control as well. Each MOS will be either retrained at AIT to ensure that they are able to perform both jobs, or will receive OJT to fill in the gaps.

The MOS change is not happening in the very near future. We are looking at 2013/2014, or it may get pushed even further. Currently the proposal is at the 4 Star General Officer level for approval. If I get any more information, I will ensure that you all receive it as soon as I do. Please disregard any other information that you may hear, or may have heard since that information is incorrect.
Ha, interesting. They got further this time than others (that I'm aware of).

With the Signal magazine talking about cutting and combining MOS, I'm surprised they don't keep pushing it. To me, 25N and 25P should be combined, 25S and 25Q should also be combined.

Papas don't work that much with actual radios anymore, as they don't fit in with the newer tactical systems.

I've also proposed to friends that 25P be made an E-5 and up MOS- feeders would be 25S and 25N. My Reasoning- 25P working at a TCF is working alongside contractors. Actually they should be 'keeping tabs on' those contractors. How does a PFC (who barely knows their job and is usually more immature as far as the Army,) know how to watch (kind of 'supervise' or 'quality control') the Contractors??

Just an idea though, doubt it will ever gain traction.

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