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Lets see you got Laundstuhl, Stuttgart, FT Bragg has a fixed site, Camp Roberts, there are a few more out there. Working at a fixed site is very boring though trust me i did it my first 3 years in the army. But if you have the 1C identifier dont let anyone lie to you and say you only can be stationed at 8 locations. I went to 1C school and right after that went to a tactical unit lol
I'm at Ft Deterick MD, 25S1C. I like it as of now...training day, three 12hr days, two days off...that's all the current 1C slots as of now regardless of location. The guys next door, 25S, that I've talked with like it here just fine. There is a lot to do with DC just down the road and most of American History right in your back door. As for attending 1C course and being assigned to a tac or strat location, I have heard of this happening but don't know anyone it happened to...
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Got a 25S 1C buddy heading to Peterson AFB, CO soon...not too bad.

Is he straight out of 1C course? That was my first duty station straight out AIT. It's a cuchy job, but you really don't learn much since you don't do you job there. There's no equipment there to work on. I wish I would have been on Shriever AFB. Not only you get to work on equipment, but it's a 9 - 5 job! Shift work has its pluses and minus, but nothing beats having your weekends off, holidays, and 4 days off like everyone else in the Army.
Nothing classified about where our satellite operations centers (SOC) are. They are all operated by 53rd Signal BN out of Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO. We have companies at Fort Meade, Fort Detrick, HI, Landstuhl Germany, and Fort Buckner Japan. You can also go to the GSSC which is also at Peterson. I think thats the only locations for 1Cs.

First welcome to the forums. FYI, it is generally considered bad form to bring a dead thread back to life (if you scroll up a bit, you will see the first post for this was in Oct 2007). That being said there is no list of available 25S assignments, your option is to call your branch manager. Because you mention 1C, the same applies however I can tell you from personal knowledge that 1C will almost certainly be assigned to 53rd Signal BN (most likely), (out of Colorado Springs), or DISA. If you go to 53rd, they have companies in Colorado Springs, Germany, Japan, Fort Meade, Fort Detrick, and Hawaii. Good luck to you.

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