lol I was originally going to be a 25Q myself actually but i got lucky and a 25S slot opened up while I was talking to the recruiter about reserving a job Smiler. How do you know which unit you are going to be in already? or are you reupping or something? I'm an army noob for sure
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national guard and reserves can only sign up for the MOS that their unit needs- they "drill" with that unit, until it's time to deploy.

"regular army" can sign up for anything and go see the world. Smiler

i signed up for ARNG here in Delaware, so that's how i know what unit i'm in (198th or the first of the first). i'm still hoping to get a 25s. my recruiter tells me that someone in my unit can "build" me a seat for school, but i'm not holding my breath. since i've signed up =, he's not really responding to my emails as fast as he used to. i wonder why...
ah I see Smiler Did I already miss my chance to request a "dream" location or does that come after BCT/AIT? Or is that not even an option?

Also does anybody have any good tips/tricks for BCT? I'm getting pretty short and I'm starting to get a bit nervous about what i should/need to know Eeker
I just graduated from Benning a month ago. Heres what I learned. If you're right you're wrong. It is what it is (very important if you want to make it through). Drink your juice and get out. The Fort Benning heat don't stop. Shit always rolls down hill, no matter what. Also, you request your duty station the first week of AIT and reception at Benning is horrible, it's 100 times worse than BCT, but don't worry, BCT is a blast, you'll do a ton of cool shit that most people don't get to do at other BCT sites.
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Also does anybody have any good tips/tricks for BCT?

-Listen carefully to instructions
-follow instructions
-don't say anything rude to your fellow battle buddies

Half of the stress from Basic is from your fellow Soldiers, NOT the lack of sleep, hard physical training, or the Drill Sgts.
-So be nice to them, don't be cocky, be a friend.
thanks for the advice guys! My friend recently graduated from BCT and he summed it up as "do what you're told when you're told how you're told".
Bul22: how did sandhill go for you man? I thought it was something you had to run up but after reading about what it really is that sounded pretty hardcore and daunting to me :X

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