I recently enlisted in the Army Reserves in March. I"ll be hedaing to Ft.Sill, OK for basic in August and returning to Ft.Gordon, GA for my AIT.
I'm not a computer genius but my dad was in Signals when he was active army and he'll teach me a few things. I would like some information on my AIT. The ins-and-outs of it; and what not.
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You've already long since graduated, but for anyone wondering now what 25U AIT is like: Boredom. Enjoy the temp barracks. Actually, enjoy the fact that you are isolated from everyone else, and that the other AIT battalions are told to stay away from you. Learn to enjoy running around Barton Field. If you are going to C/369, three words, "Phase Down Friday". If you are going to D/369, "Health and Welfare", E/369 dunno, those guys seemed awful chill.

Automation Branch is hit or miss depending on the instructors. Study hard, stay awake. Most recycles happen here. Radio branch is awesome. The instructors will try to stress you as you get reintroduced to the front leaning rest for most of your breaks. But the classes are top notch. Always march your class around the back of the signal college, unless you want to keep saluting for a good half mile.

Capstone week is unbelievable. Here you discover that 25B and 25C are your best friends. 25N had something to offer. 25F were a waste of space. We had no 25S/P/Q. Don't be one of the weak that gets a waiver for it.

Embrace the suck, because TRADOC life is retarded. Your platoon sergeants are awesome, as long as your not That Guy. Stay away from the INACT's. 369 leads the post in STD's, so stay away from the connex's and the weekend hotel parties.

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