3 years in Korea- ACCOMPANIED. Would you do it?

General Bell, USFK Commander, wants to lengthen tours of duty in Korea from 1 year to 3 years, and allow all married US soldiers to bring thier families.

I know a lot of soldiers have run into problems when it comes to families and getting assigned to a Korean tour. I'm not gonna lie, I made a killing in Korea, and who knows how rich I'd be if I had a wife and kid over there. Not to mention that there's like a 10% chance of deployment, and the US is steadily progressing in its talks with the North. But 3 years is a little lengthy...
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I've actually had a command sponsored tour in Korea. My wife and kids loved it.
Keep in mind that most U.S. troops are being stationed south of Seoul now. So, we are not talking having your family at CRC or north of there. If that is where you spent your year, than you probably don't have a very good idea of what the posts are like in the southern part of Korea. This is not the same place as 10 years ago.
I was at CRC in the late 90s and there was only 2 command sponsor slots. 1 for the div CDR and 1 for the CSM (so we were told). Area 1 was not a very family oriented place. Some of our Soldiers brought thier spouses over at thier own expense, not many had a whole lot of good things to say about the living conditions. I would take my family if I got stationed somewhere nice down south. Do they even have it broken down by areas anymore?
yeah I heard about this 1 month ago..,. I have a report date in june to 19 ESC where ever that is.. i do know they have a couple units in CTRC... I applied for command sponsorship , i am crossing my fingers hoping i get it... I was in yongsan in the 41st from 01-05 i loved every min of it.. all i say is expect the worse hope for the best
Never would I ever go back to Korea. I was at Yongsan throughout 03. While the outside area was great and I was doing my very best bill the cat impersonation in Seoul, working there wasn't exactly peaches and cream. The second time I was there I was at the Hump in 07. Korea has gotten pretty bad these past couple years. The preferance and special treatment of higher ranking folks is more blatent then ever before, along with the horrible SOFA agreement, and the rackets that have been pan-handled onto the posts. So many places look like ghost towns to me since all the changes, it's not the place I remember it to be at all. I wouldn't subjugate my family to it.

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