35f reclass first duty assignment in Korea.. Questions please answe asap

So I am heading to 35f ait as a reclass in may and report to Korea in October. I have some questions for everyone. First how is the ait for the mos-t soldiers? My wife is planning on going so I am hoping to get to stay with her since she is pregnant. Second, How is the command sponsorship for Korea right now, I am planning to start the process soon. I just wanna know if there is a long wait or not. Third, my orders say camp Casey on them but I heard I still could end up anywhere in Korea, is this true? If not, how is camp Casey? And if I could go somewhere else, where would it be? Fourth, what would I be actually doing daily on the job in Korea I anyone actually knows? I am very excited and that's why I have so many questions. Thanks in advance. I also will have a new baby being brought there, my report day is like a week after my wife is due. Does anyone know how deferring orders for a month works? Anyways thanks a lot
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My daughter is an "F" in Korea. She is single so I cannot help you there on the dependent info and is a first enlistment, so no info on the "T" area of AIT.

However, once you get to Korea, as was her and many of her AIT grad buddies experience, you can literally get bounced all over the place until they find a spot for you. If I remember correctly, in her first 2 weeks she was sent to 4 different posts until being permanently assigned.

As you should know, nobody can be given any specific info on what the F is doing, so sorry I have no idea on that. I will say that Humphreys is considered one of the better locations. CRC isn't so great for married. Casey - so so (according to her married friends).

She really enjoys Korea, but there are numerous restrictions on what Area 1 Soldiers can do. Getting posted to an area away from 1 seems to provide a lot more freedom.

Hope that helps a little.

I was assinged to IMCOM at CRC from Oct 08- Oct 10. I will say that being married at CRC would be nothing special, but all the same with being single. CRC is a small quiet post, and I enjoyed my time there. If I wanted to go out and party I could, but I always came back to a nice quiet post.

Casey however is a bit different. For one its way bigger and the backside is Hovey so it's technically two camps. Sometimes people get crazy on casey. There is a ville right outside the gate for cheap shopping and such, and loaded with sleazy clubs. Im guessing you wouldnt be going to them much anyways since your married, so I wont get into them.

I hear curfew is back in effect and it's now 7 days a week at 1AM. A shame that a few bad apples have to ruin it for the masses.

I am supposed to be going back to Korea in June, and I belive I am going to be at Zoeckler station, but not 100% sure. That is a sub area of Humphreys.

Im not a 35 series, but I can tell you the ones in my unit worked at DPTMS, and they were off by regular COB and had all wknds off..
Not sure what her work hours are now. Of course, all are on different schedules. In Korea you do get a lot of days off because they celebrate both US and Korean holidays. I think I added it up once and came up with 22 days off in addition to leave and regular off days (like weekends).

She really enjoyed Ft. Huachuca and was there at almost the same time as you are scheduled. With that said, she had friends and family in the area and she was raised in the West, so not a huge location differential for her.

As for living in Korea, before going in the Army and after college, she had traveled all over the world and lived in NYC, so she was used to major cultural differences. As someone else noted, there is a strong potential for younger, less culturally aware Soldiers to fall into the partying trap. Being married will probably help negate that for you.

If you go somewhere with your eyes and mind open, you will find that you can have a really enjoyable and educational time. She has actually started her grad program thanks to TA.
It sounds like it will be fun there. I havey been going to school for nearly a year on the army's dime. Do you know if they get 3 days and 4 days? Here at fort Lewis like once a month we get a 3 or 4 day. Pretty nice. So does your daughter enjoy her job there in Korea ?
From what she says, she does enjoy her job, whatever that job is. As you probably know it cannot really be discussed. I'm sure, like in everything, it has its good things and bad.

I am sure you are aware that you can be posted anywhere. Originally, she was supposed to go to Germany, but the orders were changed for a bunch of them about 2 weeks prior to their graduation from AIT. It was fine with her as both Korea and Germany were on her dream sheet, but some people really got pissed. She signed for the 2 year option as her goal is to stay OCONUS as much as possible.
Addington, right? Im in the same boat you are except my wife is not pregnant. I just happened to be searching for more info on Camp Casey and the 35F MOS and came across this post. I figured at least someone else had the same school date and follow on assignment. I was told all the same about being put anywhere in Korea. Haven't really found too much current info on the 35F AIT so far everything that has came up was from 2009... From checking out the FB page and the Huachuca website it doesnt look to bad.
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They let American Soldiers off on Korean holidays now....that is new, when i was there in 06-07 only Katusas got korean holidays off, we worked.

I was just there in mid 10-11 and we didn't get the Korean holidays off either.

That is true...you might get just a few days off, but not all the Korean Holidays, except Katusas.
About being placed anywhere in Korea even if you have pinpoint orders, its true. I worked reaasignments in Korea and if we were not informed by higher that you had pinpoint orders, we would slot you according to Division needs...and i just inprocessed CONUS and was changed units 3 times lol...

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