I'm hopeing I can find individuals on this site that hold one of these MOS's. I want to reclass and are looking for someone who has experience in either of these fields. Can anyone tell me if 35N's can be on flight status like some 35G's are? Any info you can share would be great. Thanks.
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I've never heard of a 35N with flight status, but then I've never heard of a 35G with flight status either. I guess it makes sense if they're working a UET mission. But that doesn't mean they actually get in a bird...generally it means they sit in an office and look at pictures the UAV took while it was airborne.

Speaking of airborne, either MOS can go airborne, if that's your thing...it just means you'll be at bragg a lot, but that's a given.

I'm a 35N, my wife's a 35G. So it sounds like between the two of us we might be able to answer your questions.

Unless you get stationed to a unit with an all source mission, you probably won't work closely with 35Gs as a 35N, and vice versa.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to know about either MOS? I mean within reason, of course, there's only so much that can be said on an unclassified forum.
Thanks for the info. I contacted the 35G branch manager last week after seeing an old post on here saying that sometimes 35G's are on flight status. He told me that units in Germany, Korea, and southern Texas have flight slots for 35G's??? That's not a show stopper for me though, it was just more of a bonus.
I would love to go airborne, however I don't want to confine myself to Bragg forever.
I see your at Meade, so I can guess where your at there. How do you like it? I'm just confused with what decision to make between these two jobs.
Are there times where you or your wife just get extremely bored with your jobs and wish you had done something else? That's the point I'm at now. Thanks for the help.
My wife really loves her job, and I really love my job.

Imagery is ummm...foreign to me. I can look at a picture and say "this is a city, there's a housing development, and that's the house I grew up in". 35Gs can do a lot more with a picture. Without getting too specific, they use shapes, camera angles, shadows, time of day the picture was taken, etc. to identify specific pieces of equipment and more. There are different types of images for different uses. That's about all I can tell you.

As for my job, I enjoy it a lot. And due to the nature of my job, it evolves about as often as...well, it changes a lot. It keeps me on my toes. No one 35N in the army knows everything about being a 35N, because there is always more to learn. It's great, but I like a good challenge. I figure if I was an imagery analyst, I'd get bored after the first couple years, but my wife tends to disagree...
I am a 35N stationed at a non-airborne unit and deployed twice on flight status as an aerial operator working in tandem with 35G operators. So, it is possible to attain flight status with either MOS. However, from my experience working with 35G's, while their training is more sought after in the civilian world (excluding the agencies) 35N's are more versatile while still in the service (additionally, if you choose to stay in the Intelligence Community after you leave the service, there are tons of opportunities). But in the end, regardless which MOS you choose, every unit has a need for an S2.. and sometimes they dont care what MOS you are.. as long as you have a clearance. Good Luck

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