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Hi,I just got accepted to the 35L MOS. I'm waiting for my school date from retention now. I am trying to find out how assignments to the 902nd Field Offices work.. Specifically, do I need to get assigned to the 902nd at Fort Meade and then get assigned to a field office from there; or do I get assigned to the Post where the Field Office is located and just hope I get assigned to it and not some tactical unit.. Trying to get first hand experience. Thanks.
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Mostly you are assigned to a post and you could either end up at a tactical unit or the field office. I have seven 35L working for me at an MICO but I've tasked several of them out to the 902d to get some additional training. I'm sure none of them are happy to be in my platoon but I didn't assign them, DA/Fort Bliss did.
Well I hope that doesn't happen to me. I don't understand the point of training CI Special Agents just to conduct normal MI missions.. I'm just going to look up which units fall directly under INSCOM and/or the 902nd and try and get assigned there. I won't be happy if i finish 6 months of CISAC just to be assigned to a S-2 shop.
I think you have a much more Hollywood view of 35L than you should to be honest.

If you expected to spend the rest of your career in some strategic assignment only doing "cool" things you're about to be blown away with the mundane-ness of the job of a 35L. Just sayin'.

Background investigations, TARP (formerly SAEDA) briefings, and endless reams of paperwork await you.

35L was a much more interesting job when they conducted source operations and whatnot.

The likelihood of you being assigned to an S2 shop is slim; most likely if you were assigned to a FORSCOM unit you would be in some BCT/SBCT in the Military Intelligence company tasked with providing force protection and threat and vulnerability assessments. Although we do have a CW2 351L in our S2 shop that oversees all of the 35Ls in the BDE.

Also, last time I checked the basic course is 18 weeks, not 24 weeks.
I look at that video and wonder how anyone became hooked. What a boring looking job. They did a terrible job of making it sound interesting.

The funny thing is, they say "interviewing the civilian population for terrorist threats" or something and what they really mean is, conducting interviews for people's security clearance. BLECH.

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