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I have done a packet for reclass to 35L, conducted my interviews and was recommended by the Agents involved. They recieved wrod that because I am in the middle fo my wife's citizenship that I would be denied. Supposedly even when that process is complete I would still be denied because she wasn't born a US Citizen. However had I been in that MOS prior to and married a Foreign National there wouldn't be a problem. How can there be a double standard? Is there any way to get around this? I am awaiting information from HRC, but who knows when that'll happen. What can I do? The Agents for 35L here in Lewis can't believe that this si a problem and wish I could reclass. Can anyone help me please, I am willing to chose a Differant MOS however am adament about becoming a 35L. I am currently a SSG 13M.
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I know you posted this a while back but I was wondering how it worked out for you. I am sort of in the same boat. My wife is not an American Citizen, she is a green card holder and has been for over 15 years. The Career counselor told me that I couldn't apply for 35L but when I asked the local counter intelligence unit they said it shouldn't be an issue. I already received my TS/SCI while married to my foreign spouse. Anyways, I have gone through the whole application process and I'm waiting for HRC to let me know if I'm accepted, its been about 3 weeks. So please let me know if you made it, and how long it took to find out. Also was curious if you had any troubles still because of your wife. Any info would be awesome.
Well, i was not accepted because my spouse still has immediate family in Russia, where she's from. I don't know where you'r spouse is from but you need to check the regulations regarding Areas of Special interest. It lists several countried of special interest. If your spouse has immediate family (ie mom, dad, brother, etc) in any of those countried, you need to do a waiver packet requesting that its waived. Because I didn't I was denied and have to wait a year. However I did request to reclass to 35M in the meantime for which I am attending school this december, I had to get a waiver for that as well since I'm pending E7. If you ned a waiver for anything contact the 35M/L Proponancy SGM. They were a grewat help for me and sent me a copy of what I needed for my waiver packet. Also your local MI branch that did your interview should have a copy of it as well. It's an intense packet but not too bad. 4187, ERB, 2 letters of recommendation, all your NCOERs, and I think that was it. If you have anymore questions or need help, let me know, I know the loops and process pretty well now and have made some great contacts. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at my AKO, patrick.w.wood@ and I will gladly help you out.
Hey I'm just curious. Did you try to reclass to 35L through the BEAR program? My window for reenlistment opens up in October and I want to reclass to that MOS. I'm currently deployed so I'm wondering how much of the application process I'll be able to get done out here. Any info about the process would be greatly appreciated.
Originally I did it through the BEAR Program, however the BEAR Program is currently not an option Army wide until further notice. 35L however is always accepting applications and has an IN-Call for SSG's. As long as you can do a PT test, get a DA Photo done, and there's a local MI Unit with 35L's to do your interview process and finish your packet, should be no issue. hopefully you have or have started your TS clearance paperwork.
Thanks for the quick response. I'll have to get with my retention NCO and see if we can find some 35L's out here. Just curious. How was the interview? Was it pretty detailed or straightforward?

On a side note I noticed you are/were a 13M up at Fort Lewis. 13P SSG here and stationed at Fort Sill stateside. I tried to get over to Lewis last year but was denied by BN so here I am in Iraq. Figures
Interview was pretty thorough, basically covering everything in your EQUIP plus more. So they're verygood about it. there's also a writting portion, nothing strainful. Re-write 2 paragraphs then write a quick essay in 30 minutes. They use the interview to gauge you as a person, this determines what they will write about you in their recommendation letter if they decide to recommend you.

As for being a 13M in Lewis, it's definately differant. 1-94 Moved from germany to here, so i've been busy since I've been in the unit for 4 years, helped them move. We will definately have slots opening for E6 13P.

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