35N laptop specs

I would ask him what he wants but as far as his job I am almost 100% certain he will not be doing any of his "job" on it. Because of the sensitive nature of his job the Army will give him everything he needs. His new laptop will be for his own use only.
100% agree, any machine you get for him will be for OFF-DUTY uses.

Find a budget which you are comfortable with and stick to that- There will ALWAYS be a better laptop available, I personally have never spent more than $900 for a machine.

PS- Why are you buying and not him?? Smiler He'll be getting free room/board and won't "Have to" buy even clothes. The Army will give him everything he needs, his paycheck will be whatever he wants to use it for.

As a dad of 3, I say it's good sometimes they learn to SAVE and buy stuff themselves. Sure he might want it NOW but counsel him to NOT use a creditcard or loan or payment plan to buy ANYTHING...!
Yes- long AITs are a struggle!
Army training is, well, BORING-

you've done well- keep on parenting! Smiler
If you check out a computer magazine or a few reviews you can find out what's worth it and what's not, it's always a cost vs. features issue then shop around some.

(ps- as far as the car, I'm 38yrs old with a paycheck maybe 3x bigger than his, and I drive a 1997. It's all about what we spend it on!!)

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