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A month ago I approached my career counselor about the BEAR program for 35P. I gave him my DLAB scores and he stated I needed an interim TS for the job. I started that process and today recieved my interim TS when I went back he said now we need to do the packet. However he cannot recall what goes in the packet and what needs to happen from here. Needless to say I am a little upset since I could have been completing the packet while waiting on my clearance. Do any career counselors have experience who can tell me what I need to get done to complete this packet. Any references to MILPER messages would also be appreciated.

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- need info on 35P packet after DLAB and Clearance completed
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You don't need to do a packet for the BEAR program. That is for a voluntary reclass. If you are doing the BEAR program all your Career Counselor has to do is make you eligible for extension under the BEAR reason code which I believe is A4. Then send up a hotline along with your DLAB results to HRC requesting a 35P class date. Your CC will also have to include what language you would like to do. If it comes back as you are locked in, all your CC has to do is extend you so you have 24 months left in service after graduation. With how short 35P is I do not see any issue of you getting a class date, but don't take that as you will get a class date. After graduation you have 90 days to reenlist for a bonus as a 35P. Your bonus will be based off of the message in place now or the new message which ever is higher.
I am currenntly trying to reclass to 35P as well. My only problem is that it seems that everytime I attempt to turn in information to my CC some new qualification comes up for me to complete. I originally thought that it was just my erb that has all of my test scores on it IAW 611-21, Interim TS, and a hearing test. Now I'm being told I need an auditory perception test. nremtp what did you have to turn in to get your reclass going?
I was told the same thing. I called 35P branch and they said that test is no longer being given by the Army and as long as your hearing is green in medpros you are good to go. The only docs I submitted were my DLAB results and my JPAS showing an interim TS. Also include your language preferences. I had less then a 24hr turn around.
I just found this thread, maybe someone can help? I am currently in the IRR trying to get into a Reserve MI unit. I was told today by my career counselor that me going 35P will most likely not happen. Here's the deal: I took the DLAB a month ago and according to him, my DLAB score has to update on my records for the transfer team to cut orders for me to get into the Reserves but the Reserves won't update my score because I am IRR, Meps won't update since I'm in the IRR and Active won't update it since obviously I'm not active... Apparently I am the only one in three in years to attempt IRR to Reserves as a 35P and no one knows how to do it. Can anybody shed any light on this? Is it that hard to update a test score? I'm not sure why it's such an issue.

Also, this is the first time hearing about the 35P Bear Program, is it only for AD soldiers or are IRR soldiers eligible too? I am currently trying to get into the Reserves but I am willing to go AD too.
Yes, I have a signed memorandum from the test control officer which states my score. I do not have an official test score card. I thought the memorandum would be all I needed which is why I don't understand what my career counselor means when he says no orders until my DLAB score is "updated". I've been waiting for it to be "updated" for the last month. He's busy participating in some board this week then he'll be TDY for a bit. I asked him for another POC about this issue and he gave me a number to a civilian at HRC. I missed him today but left a message and will be calling again.

Quoting my career counselor, "they have to update your score in your records, which will allow the transfer team to cut your orders".

So, is he right? Can I not go IRR -> TPU because there's too many "requests and requirements" for this MOS?
I am sorry but I can only comment on the DLAB.

1st, it took about a month for my score to update on my ERB eventhough I was told two weeks.

2nd, I recently apply for a job and was able to submit my Memo and score card. However it was not 35P.

If you Career Counselor is not tracking refer to a different counselor, then get ahold of the test center and see if they can print out the score card of your results along with the memo.
I know this is old, but i've got some useful information for those of you who want to go 35P. One the shift in language needs has been vast. Dari is just recently been classified as a language so it is hugely under strength, and French is also being beefed up thanks to increasing activity terrorist organization and otherwise in Africa. Check the In/Out Call lists for the other under strength languages, such as 35P(FR) is a French linguist in the call out list.

Language codes

You may also find the Reg useful but it's rather out of date now:
AR 11-6: Army Foreign Language Program

Also any questions about DLI i may be able to answer.
To get DLAB scores updated quick. Get a hold of your units "Command Language Program Manager" (CLPM)). Every major installation has at least one. Look in the MI unit for one. They have a direct link with DA G3 5/7 and they can provide your Memorandum stating DLI results to be updated on your records. Also the Test Control officer is supposed to send those scores to DLI and then DLI sends it to HRC for update on your records. Also the career counseler needs to understand that DLAB scores are not recorded on a DA330 they are only recorded on a memorandum for record as prescribe on AR 11-6.

AR 11-6 is not out of date. Please do not give misleading information. Is the latest Regulation extensively covering the Command Language Program within DoD, and sister services to include the DLI Command Language Program Managers Course rely on it for course work. There have been multiple MILPER Messages and ALARACTs adding things to it. Still the latest and final message updating to the regulation is ALARACT 207/2011 (NEW ARMY LANGUAGE PAYMENT LIST, AR 11-6, ARMY FOREIGN
LANGUAGE PROGRAM). So you have AR11-6 and the ALARACT. I can also assume that you are a PFC on DLI learning French to then go to Goodfellow AFB to attend the 35P AIT.

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