35P, cancel extension, enter BEAR, 20 mo til ETS, not in reup window

Prior to my going around and higher up I thought I'd see what responses (pseudo official preferred) this produces...

Fully qualified for 35P reclass, TS/SCI, 123 DLAB, etc.. My ETS is Nov 2014.

RMT Message 13-09 states if a soldier is within 24 months of ETS they may apply/enter BEAR program.

I have less than 12 months TOS.
AR 614-200 3-8a, "as an exception, Soldiers may be reassigned before completing minimum TOS requirements w/o a TOS waiver as outlined.." 10- reassignments to fill higher priority assignment (BEAR MOS seems like a higher priority) 11- HQDA has determined it is in the best interest of the Service or the individual Soldier (filling a slot on BEAR seems to be in the interest of the Army) 20- reassignment involving a low cost move as defined in glossary "cost less than $1000" (i have no issue moving at my own expense.)

In my mind, and granted, I'm reading/searching regs for answers that I want, but also know the Army can waive whatever they'd like... if there is an available school seat this fiscal year, there shouldn't be an issue with my filling that seat.

Supposedly all funds for CM and KP have been put on hold until the budget is resolved. (CC's words w/o documents to back it) I'm also being told I can't enter the BEAR Program until I'm in my reup window. The RMT message (unless there is a different way of understanding it) states otherwise and I should be good.

Thoughts? And, if I am incorrect on these things, please tell me where this other info is located.


SSG "want to reclass now"
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