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I just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that I have started a blog regarding the BEAR program and 35P Crytologic Linguist. I have gotten into the program as a 12yr SSG - they gave me my first choice of Chinese Mandarin. The blog is http://www.armylinguist.net. Everything will be unclassified and just a general scope of everything I encounter from the whole BEAR process, to moving to Monterey, and participating in the program at DLI. Please feel free to visit and spot check me on anything I post, I want everything to be correct. I give a lot of opinions about things and how I interpret them, so feel free to do the same. I've seen a few other resources for information, but it is very limited.
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I'm the same person - just different account. From the day I signed my extension with retention, it was within 7 days that I had an ATRRS email with my school date. Actually getting assignment instructions was the part that took forever, which was because HRC messed up somewhere and it all got lost in the system somewhere. Just stay on top of your stuff.
Thanks for the reply! I submitted all the required paperwork to retention (DLAB, hearing acuity), and I already had my TS-SCI. He is not too familiar with the Bear program. Is there anything else we should have submitted to HRC? Its been about 8 business days now. Maybe I'm being to anxious but I was hoping to have heard something by now.
I'm a SSG with 3 mo TIG and 5.5 yrs TIS and I'm trying to get into 35P while I'm in USAREC. My BDE reenlistment NCO has told me that I need to have an interim TS/SCI, a qualifying DLAB and to have a TS clearance requested.

My BDE Security guy is getting the interim TS finalized today, I have a 131 DLAB score and my TS has been in the works since November.

Every time I ask him about it he gives me short answers that basically answer nothing and tells me that he is waiting to find out about the interim TS before he checks if I am qualified otherwise. What other requirements are there?

Also, can I choose my language? I want Mandarin Chinese, I don't even care that it's $20,000 lower bonus.



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