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Im in the IRR and just signed into the TPU program to a reserve PSYOPS unit with the intention of reclassing to a 37F. Is anyone aware of the level of difficulty it is to transfer into active duty with this MOS? I am coming up very close to my ETS and want to reenlist, but I only want to be active duty.

Im hoping that this is something that would not be too difficult to accomplish, but I have a bad feeling that in reality, it's a pipe dream. Does anyone have any insight?
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Pretty sure the only way you can come from a Reserve Component to Active Duty right now is if you are E4 or below and sign up for 18X. You might want to consult with an active duty recruiter.

Also, are you language and airborne qualified? You will have to be to come active duty 37F.
I am airborne qualified, I was active duty in the 82nd for 3 years and left an E-5. I have been recalled once out of the IRR already in support of OIF. Not language certified.

I tried an active duty recruiter, but they wanted nothing to do with me and referred me to a reserve career counselor. They basically said they couldn't help me because I was still in a reserve component. This is how I got put onto the TPU program, as they said I could "put in paperwork to request a transfer to AD". Im just starting to question the likelyhood of this happening though.
You need to speak to an active duty recruiter. That's plain and simple. You'll need a 368 and a 4187 conditionally releasing you from the reserves to active duty.

d. Applicants in pay grade E-4 and above who hold MOS 18B, 18C, 18D, 18E,
18F, 37F, 42R, 42S, 46Q, or 46R can request an exception to the Business Rules.
Send exception request thru GCR as a grade determination. Exceptions are not
always favorably considered.

Look up the current business rule for everything. You should be alright. But you do have to speak to an active duty recruiter.
Thanks for the reply, I think I may just wait until I start drilling with this unit and see if I can pass on going to get MOS-Q and just ride out the end of my contract.

Then when my contract go back and speak to an active duty recruiter and start fresh. It seems transferring active duty is damn near impossible these days, and nobody wants to assist prior service because there is no benefit for them as career counselors / recruiters to help.

Thanks again.

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