38A or 37F

I'm currently working on my Associates Degree in Homeland Security/Law Enforcement. I'm REALLY interested in going back into the reserves, but I was wondering which MOS would have me out in the field actively the most. So I'm torn between Civil Affairs and PSYOP...what should I pick either one sounds interesting. Please help!
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Both fields are in high demand right now and probably will be for awhile. They do sometimes work together but the actual MOSs are very different. Check out this link for some info: http://www.socnet.com/showthread.php?t=85808. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg Smiler

You should probably research them both and figure out which one interests you more.

FYI: they both should offer you a chance to go to DLI if thats something that interests you.

Good Luck
I personally wuld determine wat you want in your career, and look at wats going to benifit you more.Me personally i like PSYOP but every body is different, i worked with civil affairs over seas,there is only one active duty 38A group,they tend to be more towards humanitarian side of the house, PSYOP does the same mission but alot more, and your training is longer,airborne school, language, AIT, so forth. You can always change you MOS after your contract if you dont like wat your doing or pop smoke and get the hell out, both are gud jobs...
Civil affairs is the most under payed MOS in the army. What does that mean is if you join as a reserve the amount of load work you will be doing as CA operator will if not greater but atleast same as regular full time job. MISO has much more advantage in that. Active CA is way better option than reserve at any given day.

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