4/4 rating.

Originally posted by BigSarge442:
They put eyes on it, but what can they do? I'm rated by Officers.

Right now it's a one-sided story. Right now. That's going to change, and I have supporting documents that will make her have to answer questions.

As an officer, I have had senior NCOs provide suggestions on the write-up. Nobody can change a write-up per regulation but if that 4/4 was not warranted per your statements; then somebody along the way (especially you) should have addressed it before being submitted to HRC. You control your write-up; nobody else.
You started this post a week ago,(nearly 7 days claiming you have proof)have you presented those supporting documents to anyone yet?

I keep asking to see what he has to try and help, but alas nothign will come of it. I even provided regualtory guidance and everything.

Like I said it will likely come down to no change, and we will never see the BigSarge442 again.
I just read this whole thread for funsies.

I have given a 5/5 before, but hey, they earned it.

I applaud this "crappy" officer for not inflating your ego and NCOER like most people do. Most people allow mediocre Soldiers to get by with zero accountability.

I find it hard to believe that at the very least three raters and a 1SG (probably if your rater is a CPT, then the reviewer might be outside of the company, which means at least one CSM should have eyes on) allowed a CPT to just berate you on your NCOER...just doesn't seem likely to me.

I have reviewed hundreds of NCOERs at this point over the last 15 months as 1SG and prior to that I had 28 months of PSG...the last platoon that had 30 NCOs and over 80 total Soldiers. I don't say all that to brag, I've just really gone over tons and tons of NCOERs and I haven't even been looked at for MSG yet.

And I never let me NCOs get away with stuff like that...or officers. I mean, sure, I can't force anyone to change anything that is factually correct or whatnot, but I kick it back and say - look, this isn't justified. If you want to send it up that way, I can't stop you, but this is what I'd say...

And if someone on the other end feels strong enough they send it up. Meaning, in your case, someone somewhere would have been like "no way, this isn't justified" if it wasn't. Or at least mostly justified.
Something that I've heard of in the past is the fact that this officer may not fully understand the gravity of a 4/4 rating. A 4/4 is "fair", and she may be interpreting it in the literal sense of the word "fair". Granted the Senior rater and reviewer as well as any NCO worth his/her salt that laid eyes on it must have concluded a 4/4 was justified.

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