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Greetings to all,

So the age limit has been raised to 42, and I am considering putting the uniform back on.

My first active duty was 1999-2002, MOS 92A. I got out because most of my time was spent in the field, ADVAN teams, and other duties. Most of it was my fault because I didn't know anything about the Army and that I could control my own career.

Anyhew, I am working as a contractor for the Air Force in Kuwait. I am doing air mobility and I love it. Never knew that the Army also does air mobility (88N), so I spoke with a recruiter and he told me that that was an option. My GT and CL scores are good to go.

So, my questions are:

1. Are there any 88N out there who can give me the scoop on the MOS and day to day operations for an E2. That would be the rank that I would be if I decide to make that move and that sucks.

2. What can you tell me about Fort Eustis and the schooling? I want to learn alot and hopefully go to a good unit to learn my job.

3. I am looking to become a warrant officer (882A) after I hit SPC rank - what is the age requirement?

4. Know of any good units above the division level, MCTs (Movement Control Teams) MCBs (Movement Control Battalions), which are located at the sustainment command level.

Hit me up soon

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