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I was told that this course is now online for 40 hour certification. Does anyone happen to know the link or where I might be able to find this? I have a few Soldiers that I need to have certified. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Here is the link my NCO gave me to take the test..


It takes about 1 hour if you are already sharp on the regulations. When complete a certificate will be emailed to your AKO address. The training can be place on your OPF, the first page of the DD1556 will need to be submitted after it has been approved by the supervisor and a copy of any documentation provided that proves the course was completed.
If you are looking to do the class for ammo handling, it is Ammo 67.
From Fort Carson 700-15, http://www.carson.army.mil/mpd...C%20REG%20700-15.pdf
"1. General.
(a) The AHC is intended for all Soldiers who handle Army ammunition, drive vehicles carrying
Army ammunition, or handle ammunition on ranges and training areas, which are serviced by the FC

For Soldiers to transport ammunition they must have a valid military driver's license with Hazmat
training annotated on the license. If Soldiers are not Hazmat trained, follow the instructions below.
(a) Click on Register for a WBT Course Registration; it is going to ask for your e-mail address
and confirmation) push summit bottom.
(b) Within a few hours the Soldier will receive an e-mail with their user name and password.
(c) Click on the link at the bottom of the registration e-mail.
(d) Use the provided logon name and password to logon. You will have to change your
(e) Select all view courses.
(f) Scroll down, select 2nd page.
(g) Select Ammo-67, Hazmat Familiarization and Safety in Transportation.
(h) Complete the course; it will take about 1-1/2 hours. When the course is complete, select
course examination and take the test. You must achieve a passing rating in order to select Transcript
and print the transcript.
(i) Show the transcript to the Master Driver to have your license endorsed "Hazardous Material
U) You will receive an e-mail asking you to complete the course evaluation. You can launch
this evaluation from the Learning Activities Evaluation page in Sum Total. Follow the directions below to
access the evaluation:
(1) Click on "Learn" in the blue menu bar located on the opening page.
(2) Scroll down the drop-down menu and click on "Learning Activity Evaluation."
(k) Follow the instructions to print the certificate.

This is what I use for drawing ammo at Knox, gets me Hazmat 1.1C on my license.
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