OK so I been in 7 years, SGT(P) out in Recruiting right now...and they are sending me to BNCOC soon (according to my chain)...for someone who has been to it, specially recently, how hard is it? Should I expect to be treated just like I was in PLDC (i went to PLDC in 05 at Bliss 4 weeks long)...i know you stay at mcgruder's lodging, but the training, specially the PT test are they still on the whole "chest to ground" or th epush up doesnt count?

Is phase 1 an online training now? I heard something like that but I am not sure...thanks for the info guys...
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I dunno, i've heard the the Battle Staff phase 1 course is all online and it's very tough!

I am also taking the Supervisor Development Course right now and it's kicking my butt. There is a TON of material, and if you don't copy down every slide you could miss a few questions. It has taken me probably over 8+ hours just to get 3/4 of the way done with it.
BNCOC phase 1 is not online only. You can take it at a location as well. I am going to Camp Cook, LA in May for 2 weeks for BNCOC Phase 1. I know that the place I am going is not as overly strict about PT.. as long as you are hitting that plane than you are good... chest to the ground is definitely over doing it unless you have a big chest. LOL. Good luck with your endeavors.
Originally posted by arose:
chest to the ground is definitely over doing it unless you have a big chest.

PLDC Grader: "Go lower!"
Me (to self): my chest IS on the ground ?!?!

That's the ONLY time I've ever been disqualified on any APFT event in 10yrs of Army. The second grader counted them, I didn't do them any different, I think I got 50 or so..
I think there is a bit of confusion with the DL and Phases of ALC (formally known as BNCOC)

There are 3 PARTS to ALC, but only 2 PHASES.

Part one is a DLC-Common Core that is only offered online now. This part does NOT need to be taken before Phases 1 and 2 (Trust me, I did it out of order)

Phase 1 MUST be done before Phase 2. Both phases need to be done in order and at a physical school house (my 42A was at Devens, but there were other places available). You do not have to take them at the same time.

I did Phase 1 for 2 weeks, then 4 months later I did Phase 2, then I did the DL Common Core.

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