42A school at Camp Parks

Anyone attend this school recently? I'm supposed to be leaving to reclass in a couple weeks, and I'm in school (online classes). I'll be there for a month, will I have time to do homework or do I need to withdraw from my classes? Frowner

What is the school like? Anything I should know? I haven't received a packing list or anything yet.

Thanks for any help.
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I attended a two-part 42A re-class back in the 90s. First part was similar to weekend drills at Fort Totten, Queens, NY and the second was a 2-week course at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

During that time, WI-FI/Internet in school barracks was non-existent. Now, you should be golden. You should be able to have some free time at night to do homework.

Back then, we learned the EDAS system (which is still used). You should be learning e-MILPO and other web-based HR apps.

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And here is some info on another forum


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