Hello community. I was recently accepted into reclassing towards 46q public affairs and was wondering how long it usually takes to get sloted for this school? I was accepted on may 12th, 2014 and have yet to recieve an email letting me know my class date. Is this all done through my career counselor because he just told me to wait on an conformation email and I am wondering who I should contact. Should I contact the POC listed on the Milper message and question them or just be a little more patient?
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Well here is an update. I contacted the POC from the milper message and he said all APAC does is either deny or accept packets and to get in touch with my chain of command and training NCO. I contact my Training NCO and he says this is the first he has heard of anything, so either my career counselor is slacking or he plans on doing it himself. Either way, others that I have talked to that have switched MOS's have recieved conformation emails very quickly after they were accepted ensuring them a slot in school. Does anyone have any stories or advice they can give me? Be critical if you need to be.
When I reclassed to 35L my career counselor did the request. He did it in front of me and showed me step by step the process on his computer. He told me it could take up to two weeks. I ended up getting an email from ATRRS about 4 days later with an enrollment notice.

One thing you can do to subside the anxiety of waiting is look in ATRRS at the school dates. That way you can have an idea of when you might be slotted. Keep in mind that if the classes are full you will be slotted for a class further on down the road. This is what happened for me, I ended up having to wait for three cycles (14 months) to begin my course.
Ensure that you are dealing with your actual badge wearing Career Counselor as unit retention (who most people confuse as the Career Counselors) usually do not have access to critical systems such as retain.

Go make an appointment with them so your not popping in when they are slammed with work.
SGT Smitty, I wish my career counselor would do everything step by step and up front with me. He is very vague in emails and just gives short direct answers. I have been burnt in the past with just trusting people, so I tend to follow up now and try to get all the information I can and they look at it like I am bothering them. My squad leader told me to follow up though and if he doesn't like soldiers asking questions he should've picked a different job because that is his duty to take care of issues like that. So I guess I should just keep dealing with my career counselor and leave my training NCO's alone then. Problem is the career counselor doesn't tend to answer my emails. I hate feeling like the soldier that bugs people but if I recall correctly there is a moto out there, "its your career. Take control of it before someone else does", something on the lines of that.

I appreciate both responses, I will update you guys on what happens.
He is the badge wearing counselor. He came into my clinic today and told my NCO he was getting it under control.

So I called him and he let me know that I was put on orders 3 days before I was accepted. So 46Q is contacting my branch and requesting them to release me, which they should since we are overstrength, and then once that is sent through then it will all be resolved and he can enter me and secure me a slot.

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