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There seems to be a lot of opinion out there on which POB is "better" or more "high speed". For a a former 11B1P is there a particular psyop unit where i would fit it in any better or are they all pretty much similiar other than areas of responsibility in the world?
One of my squad leaders in Iraq was a former 940 guy and said i should try for it, but from what i can gather they try to access "young" e1-e4's w/ 300+ PT, or soldiers from ranger batt. into there unit, is this true or am i mis-informed?
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If you decide to reclass to PSYOP the battalion you go to will be decided primarily by your language - after the reclass course you go to language school - the language you receive is generally determined by your DLAB score, but not always - we had a soldier in my class that scored very low on his DLAB, but the needs of the army put him in a CAT 4 language. Now with that said, once you are in 4th POG you can then try out for the "ranger batt" it is a very grueling, physically enduring test of your mind and body, mostly body. I have several friends who have gone through this and some have made it some haven't. And no they don't always go for the young ones its just they tend to be in better shape, they need strong NCO's just as much as they need the young soldiers.
Yeah, all the good training is in Delta Company 3rd POB. :-D But of course, if you are a 37F, you won't be in this company. As a matter of fact, you will be lucky to even be in 3rd BN. SSG Airborne is right, 9th BN is a good one, especially for deployments.
Yes Google is very friendly. Thats how I found this thread. Does anyone know what a 35m would do in 4th POG? Im pretty sure I'd go to 1st Bt since I will go with a Spanish language. Im wanting to re-enlist for 470th in SA Texas but Ive heard our branch manager wont send an E4 to an INSCOM unit just off a tour in INSCOM. But my reenlistment NCO said hes sent a couple of 35m to 4th. Any feedback?
As a former 11B 9th BN will be the best fit for you. It is physically the most challenging, as well as the best oportunity to go to more "HOOAH" schools (i.e. ranger, various shooting schools etc.) 9th BN B co is now the Ranger Company and you will be assessed and expected to pass the RPFT. The upside of 9th BN is that you will work with some people that no one else gets to. You will get to do a lot of cool things as well. The downside of 9th is the fact that you will deploy alot to the middle east and not get paid very well. The other BNs (regional) get to deploy to some very nice places where they never put on a uniform and rake in the TDY/Per Diem.
I am currently an EOD Officer and am looking at transfering into the Psyops world. Can anybody explain the duties and roles of the O in Psyops. Do the Os get to go out with the troops and conduct missions or are they always behind a desk?

I know active duty is in support of SOCOM units how much work is truly done with those types of units?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
- Captains in the PSYOP world are detachment commanders. What that means is on the tactical side, you will ride a desk most of the time, but you will have your chances to get out with your guys, after all you are the OIC of the detachment. Regional side it depends on a lot of things. You could be on a two man team in a country working out of an embassy with just you an an NCO making things happen.

- On the active side, tactical PSYOP is almost exclusively in support of SOF units, Army SF, SEALs, MARSOC and sometimes if you're in the right place at the right time those other guys and 3 letter agencies that shall not be named.

Sir, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to PM me.

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