68k unavailable for the rest of the year?

Hello! I'm new here, and I've went through all the discussion topics, and tried to match the best topic regarding my concern, so if I have posted in the wrong column, I apologize. I'm going to MEPS soon, and I'm being told the MOS 68k is not available for the rest of the 2012 year! Is this a recruiter desperately trying to fill his quota, or is this pretty accurate information? I have no problem with trying out a different MOS, however I want to be assured I'm not being lied to first. Now, I have the scores, as well as the college history and a clean background and no physical health issues. Also, is it possible to switch MOS' with someone whom has reserved a job but has not signed the contract yet? I'm reserved as 68W, and many many many people want this MOS, from research I've done. I'd be willing to switch to their 68k, but again I'm not even sure this can be done.
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It's not the rest of 2012, more than likely it's just until the end of the fiscal year in middle of Sept.

Just keep checking back with the recruiter and let him/her know that it's the only MOS you want. This does work if you are qualified for it. He/She just needs to keep asking their SC/Top for the job and to let them know that is all you want.

Know on the same side of that, if the recruiting station is doing really good and you are literally just a number, then you might be tossed to the side until you pick another job or it finally comes up. Just the hard truth.
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Have your Recruiter's Station Commander call the Rock (slang for Recruiting Operations Command) while you are there to see about any leeway.

The ROC seems to be under new management, they have been less than nice about anything lately and have seem to lost their regs in the change over.
Ok, i'll definitely bring that to his attention, contacting ROCK. I'm set to ship sometime this year before fiscal, but if openings come up mid september, it's worth the wait and it's worth shipping out earlier 2013. Luckily, 68W was one of my picks though, as I understand some people go in without receiving ANY of their picks. It would just be so much easier to have the 68K MOS though because for what I plan on doing after my enlistment wouldn't require additional schooling, because I would have already received it via Army AIT. But I'll keep everyone posted, and thanks!

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