68Q ??? or 68R???

Im a 68R, currently in Hawaii. This mos is excellent! Depending on your command, you'll definitely have a lot of time and opportunities to complete your education. In our unit, we do have a new Romeo who was a pharmacy tech before, but disliked being in that field.

Any questions about the job,just ask!
It depends on what you want. I'm a romeo, I don't hate the job but I don't like it. I was in a Vet TOE unit before I got stationed in this TDA unit... To be honest, I sit at a computer all day and input inspections. That's pretty much my job! It's good in other ways like education, I've been getting lots of college out of the way with all of the time I have.
AIT is at Ft Sam Houston, bout 2 months long.

Besides Hawaii (Although I don't know why!!), you can be stationed pretty much anywhere in the world. Its one of the perks you get because this job is unique to the Army. You're a representative to all the services (even the air force when they need help!)

Depending on how you are as a soldier, promotion varys from soldier to soldier and command to command. Just don't get in trouble! I got E5 in a little under three years.... Big Grin

Any questions, all you gotta do is ask!
I would like to have a chance to talk to you about the 68r MOS. I am thinking about reclassing. I am prior service, so this MOS was not available to me. Only needs of the army jobs were offered.
I figure that I just needed to get back into the system, then make a change asap.
How is Hawaii??? I am considering making that my next move. I am currently in Germany right now.
I know this thread is 3 years old, but felt obliged to comment anyway. I am a 68K, but have friends who are both 68Q and 68R. Both have some pretty good things to say about their jobs, but what sticks out to me is assignment possibilities. Romeos can go freaking anywhere. A good friend of mine is here in Germany after a long tour in England.

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