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I arrived at Fort Sam Houston on Friday April 22 and was told that the wait for housing would be the 1-3 months, but I recieved a call on Thurday the 28 that there was a house available on the 4th of May. From what they said there are a lot of people who are on the list but are on hold due to haveing a lease already or have not told housing that they already found place. Hopefully if you are waiting for base housing then they call you just as quick.

Thanks for the good info, it will help your soon to be peers out a lot. So if you have a class seat secured for 68V it will pay off to call housing for all those interested to be placed on the list.

So if someone gets to it before me please post.

This MOS drops on and off of STAR mos list for E-5. So if you are an E-4 this can be an excellent opportunity for advancement. And is still currently understrength according to the April 29th 2011 In/out calls. For E-6......... good luck on that I have been watching it over a year and have not seen it drop lower than about 790.
Stopped by housing today after DEERS was closed (I wish I had their hours).

The 210-270-7638 number are for the Commissioned side of post housing.

E-1 through E-6 with one dependent (2 bedroom house) use Harris Heights Community Center at 3751 Patch Rd, Ft Sam and the number is 210-824-9587.

If you are E-1 through E-6 and due to number of dependents (more than 2) require a 3 or 4 bedroom, you are supposed to go through Watkins Terrace Community Center at 5840 Frazier Rd, and their # is 210-832-8104.

The 2 bedrooms are nice and they cut your grass for you (I didn't want to mow a lawn). You can get priority placement from deployments if ERB reflects combat/hardship tour(S) and they are literally in walking distance from the Phase I school.

You can be placed on housings wait list with just a copy of PCS orders.
However, you will get a priority wait status if other criteria is met like submission of orders, DA 31 (with line 14 signed), DEERS info printed from AKO, custody paperwork (if applicable), recent EOM LES, ID (front and back), and application card from www.lincolnmilitary.com also the ERB as well.

It sounds like a pain in the a$$, but realistically, every apartment or house off post will require similar documentation.

So I have printed off all this info for myself and will drop it off tomorrow to ensure I can secure a wait list spot (if I even stay here) and have a realistic chance of syncing with my PCS, and end of lease.

I have reliable info that strongly suggests the Army will pay for my move EVEN if my PCS keeps me in Ft. SamHouston.

However, I do not have regs on this and if anyone does I could use the help.

The course is going well, and it is really a gentleman's course. Class leader position will suck if you get handed it. You'll stay later, and most times get there earlier than most with no real advantage. If you try and be relaxed you'll have a retard or 2 that will say ya aren't doing your job, and if you try to be an Infantry squad leader (being strict, we all know the type), you can't do that either since you can't counsel and many times your leadership position is just there to get the a$$chewing or deliver bad news and rarely receive accolades. It is what it is, I know I would enjoy everything better if I didn't have that gem. Squad leader positions aren't that bad. Phase II is so much better than the 1st phase. We do our PT at the gym (Phase I was the God awful PRT) so most Soldiers enjoy training themselves better than the one size fits all company PT.

At least until someone screws it up for everyone, by not showing up or something ignorant like that.

The CRT and especially RRT will be a beast, even with suitable prep work. You can google practice exams for these tests and you will see what you are up against. A strong work ethic, lack of procrasturbation, not getting behind early on (cause it will be near impossible to catch up) and drama free lifestyle will be your keys to success.
Hi, I just started looking into reclassing to 68 V. I am a 68R Veterinary food inspector that really hates her job, I desperately need a change. You seem like you know alot about the 68v field and the process I would need to get in. Can you please point me in the right direction, I do not have a career counselor and my NCO is very negative about star MOS's. According to him its a star MOS for a reason, meaning I will always be gone. Either way I am really interested and want to look into it further. Please respond... Smiler
I'm not particularly impressed with Career Counselors, at least not for any real career guidance. http://www.armyreenlistment.com might answer some general re-enlistment questions you might have, and your unit Retention NCO can file the paperwork if you don't have access to a Career Counselor. This thread will give you far more info than a Career Counselor could. I've been consistantly searching for 68V info since before I signed the papers almost a year and a half ago, and this thread had provided more current and relavent information than any thing or any one I've come across.

As for the STAR MOS thing... My guess is that it's a STAR MOS for SGT because it's a long, difficult school with significant prerequisites and few available seats. They simply can't train enough people, to-standard, quickly enough to fill the slots they have.

Always be gone? I'm not sure what you mean by that, but I'm skeptical of STAR MOS's in general too. Rather, it's ALI, or "automatic promotion," that I generally can't stand. 68V is a bit different, though. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for Active Duty, MOS 68V is only open to SPC(P)/CPL(P) and SGT (non-P) and AIT is a "20-level" school. Even the in/out call is "NA" for Skill Level 1. Plus, as Corvette has made very clear, the year-long school is pretty intense and produces Respiratory Therapists that are on-par with fully qualified civilians (Certified and Registered). If all automatic promotions had those requirements, I'd have no problem with them.

The problem a lot of people have with STAR MOS's is that you see a lot of sh**bag Soldiers (who probably shouldn't even be allowed to stay in the Army) reenlist, spend five weeks learning nothing in some idiot-proof AIT, and two months later they're Non-Commissioned Officers; no experience, no recommendation, no board... no business being an NCO. Again, I think the case with 68V is a bit different.
An MOS can be on STAR for one month, and never be on it again. Just because it is a STAR MOS (last month for example) does not mean it is permanently one. If you look at the STAR MOSes and follow them over time you'll start to see some patterns.

One being that some STAR MOSes provide direct civilian transfer so about half of the Soldiers get out after the first term in the MOS. Such as the case with 68V. Which is why points for E-5 can be STAR (350), but points for E-6 NEVER, EVER are STAR (450).

Another being that some STAR MOSes are plagued with constant field time and very low civilian transfer. This is the case with most field artillery positions that end up here.

Then there are some MOSes that end up on STAR because of the level of clearance provided by the MOS, so many end up networking into civilian agencies. A great deal of MI MOSes, 35G in particular at times falls in line with this, others are language MOSes like 35P(RU).

Realistically, this MOS seems to be one of the most intelligently managed MOSes I have seen in the Army PERIOD.
Instead of having a few Soldiers that are constantly deployed with this MOS, they have a rather ideal system that if the Soldier has never deployed this MOS gets them deployed before others are on their fourth and fifth as I have seen with Aviation.

If you have a slick sleeve on your right arm you can almost count on a deployment within a couple of years after training is complete.

However, if you are a Prior Service Soldier that already has a few deployments. Then you will probably only have one combat deployment WITH THIS MOS even if you serve till say senior E-7 positions.

There are always volunteer positions, but we all know that "volunteers" never seem to actually go.

You can and will deploy with this MOS if you stay in long enough. It appears that even with the rest of the Army having multiple tours, once you get into this field, you will probably only deploy once with this MOS, and have no or VERY little field time.

To me the field is always worse than any deployment, you aren't paid extra, and most times the living conditions are worse than the actual 3rd world deployment since you won't have computers in the field (unless your company, usually BTN though, level or higher)and sometimes you won't have showers.

Why on earth would you NOT attempt to go Warrant with your MOS? With you being a female, lets face it, you will have a better chance of getting picked up than the average Joe. So actually give it a try, they actually get to go to South America and some other truly interesting places, so put the packet together before you completely write your MOS off. If 68V MOS was a feeder into a medical warrant position it would truly be ideal. Either way, with LIMITED class seats, procrastination will mean you end up waiting at least another year. I re-upped in April 2009, and it was not till August 2010 before I was actually in class. Now the wait times are even longer, with much of the Army over-strength. If you are interested you NEED to speak with your BTN or higher BADGE WEARING Career Counselor. If you keep them in the loop with your desires, contrary to popular belief, most will do their best to help you if you haven't screwed yourself by waiting too long and time-lines just not matching up with things such as DEROS, PCS time on station, ETS date, etc. there is a lot to go into the equation. Keep your Career Counselor informed, its been said on here before..its YOUR Career, take control of it or someone else will.
Thank you for your timely responses!! I am a SPC (P) with almost six years in the army. I enlisted as a financial management technitian but later decided that I wanted to pursue something in the medical field, my retention NCO offered me veterinay food inspector and I took it. Originally I planned on transitioning to warrent officer but the requirement is five years in the MOS, I have only been here for two! Vetcom is very small and widely spread out, there seems to be very little room for growth where most assignments are one man duty sites. We do not recieve many oportunites for training slots because the majority of us are in non deployable assignments (luckily I earned my combat patch while in the finance corps), meaning we are not a priority. The training for 68V sounds very challanging but I am up for the challange, especially since it is something I will enjoy doing outside of the military. What I am trying to figure out right now is if I can request to reclass to 68V since it seems to be understrenth, my reenlistment window opens in August but I was told that we cannot reenlist until the next FY. I read that this is an application MOS, if so can anyone tell me where I can go to access the application. I have tried Google and the Amedd C&S website, emailed my retention NCO twice but have yet to recieve a response.

Thanks again for you help!
This MOS used to be a "packet" or application MOS, I believe about 3 years ago. This is no longer the case as of right now, it could change.

If I was in your boots, realistically it could be a solid 2 years before you even are here at the schoolhouse, try to get the 5 in your MOS. Have a Warrant packet put together and submitted, and if it does get approved, you could always have the re-enlistment option dropped later.

At least this way your class seat could be secured, and if Warrant selection does not work out you will have a solid plan B.

Just make sure you are eligible for either option. Like really simple stuff like being a citizen for Warrant, and valid clearances that are applicable. Also, your Career Counselor will be able to give you current pre-qualifications needed for 68V.

I say this because I have a guy in my class that wants to try out for SF (18 series) and he is color blind.....I have to remind him regularly it isn't going to happen, they don't have waivers for that stuff getting approved. The other is non-citizens I have met that want to go OCS. Doesn't every one realize in order to be an officer you need a Secret clearance, and in order to have a Secret clearance you need to be an American citizen?
Is RRT offered after school or just CRT? How is Phase II going? Has anything changed besides the massive post at the beginning of pg. 3? To all those who report in January, Good Luck can't wait to start. Has anyone begun prepping still reading the fundamentals of respiratory care, a chapter a night and attempting coorespondence courses.
I can understand everyone's worries about the CRT, and yes it is tough, but the AMEDD course has a higher passing rate then the civilian sector. Phase i and II are taken from the Eagans, and the NBRC exams. Everything you need to know to pass the exam you will be taught. As with all Army schools you will learn what you need to pass the CRT, but being an RT is a never ending process. AARC and NBRC are always changin, and with the new Health Care Stysem, coding, billing, and patient care requirements are still changing. Good Luck to you all. I wen in 2009 and it was the best choice of my Army career.
Start the Pulmonary Functions test rotation tomorrow, it appears to be the position in this field with the best hours for what its worth. Some people don't like the monotony of of PFT, but others love it.

For what its worth supposedly the program is going from AMEDD to METC, so I do not know if it has the same exact pass or fail rates. From what I am understanding this is still in my opinion one of the best MOSes to get a big picture idea of the medical field and possibly branch out to from here. GPA is still pretty strong, but CRT practice exams don't reflect...yet my GPA. I am sure it will by the time 2 months roll by, but only time will tell. I don't have a crystal ball.
Wow. So TESC's ASAST in Respiratory Care program is 60 credits, plus 10 more for degree completion. Plus the certs should be civilian ed points too (10 each, I think).

But that also means that everyone else has all those points as well, so it almost removes civilian education from the equation completely.
Yes the certs from the NBRC are worht 10 points, along with ACLS, PALS, and any AHA Instructor certs you have. The basic BLS you recieve from the schools are not worth points. Every person in a hospital, TMC, or CSH, must have BLS so they do not count it. Also remember this is the first class recieving the degree and CRT upon completion. When I went in 09 we had to do eveything on our own and pay for, and the RT is $300, study guide, $200. So there are still many 68V without the CRT certs.
I believe that with any changes, soldiers will be upset, and less experinced soldiers get promoted before their peers in any MOS. Also you should remember that those "old 68V' may or may not be CRT, yet how many patient transports have they done to Afgan or Iraq. Experince comes to all 68V's regardless if they a CRT or not. In the Army being CRT or not has no effect on duty stations, other then instructor. I have heard rumors, that to make E7, you must be CRT, yet many still have not completed it. Also CRT can be paid for by your G.I Bill, I chose to pay out of pocket because I already transfered my G.I Bill to my daughter. I am not upset with the changes, honestly I find them refreshing.
Yes, all MOS's have less experienced soldiers getting promoted first, but it's not usually because of points they got just for going through AIT when not everyone else got those points too. I think the progression in the schooling is awesome and it's why I chose this MOS to reclass to. I just think it sucks for the soldiers in the field who aren't going to get any retroactive credit.

Out of curiosity, does the old AIT transfer to any college credits towards a RT degree though AARTS/ACE?
CRT are you in a CASH? I was under the impression that 68V's mostly go to Landstuhl.

On a side question, how can you (or a spouse) advance a medical/dental degree in a foreign country since many of the advanced level medical courses have labs and need to be taken in a brick and mortar university vs. online?
I am not in a CSH, Heidelberg is a MEDCOM, not a MEDCIN, BAMC, LRMC are MEDCINS, many places are MEDCOM, it is basically a big outpatient clinic, everything we do is same day. University of Maryland, and a couple other schools like University of Phoenix, which me and my wife go to offer both online, and on post classes. The only school to offer a 4 year in R.T is Thomas Edision, but you do not need that to get your RRT, I chose Phoneix and Hospital Management, for my four year. It is doable, most on post classes start around 1800, which is the hard part when working in a MEDCOM or MEDCIN.
What I have been gathering is that the RRT isn't even all that bad, and we can take it immediately after we pass the CRT.

I am starting to understand that the CRT difficulty is due to a lot of people making a lot of cash off of multi-retakes of tests and study guides. Supposedly its the cash crop of RT, but at least its nice to know once I get that bridge crossed, I can knock out that ASAFP.

I will probably finish w/ TESC but was a little confused as to how that works in a diff. country with many of the courses I still need being labs. Thanks for clarifying. I am a creature of routine so I do think I would mind a same day MEDCOM. I think I'll be happy just as long as I don't get Ft. Polk, or a NON-command sponsored Korea tour. Hey how far out did you and most of your class get your PCS orders before graduation?
Most of us found out where we where going two weeks out, and recieved orders one week before graduation. Same day clinincs like where I work are good for a normal schedule, but you miss so much not being in a hospital, no ICU, SICU, NICU, a lot of you valuable skills start to fade away, there is no vent heres, no bi-pap, so those skills start to fade. I do not know about taking the RRT right after the CRT, I have heard many things, and the nbrc website says two years experince, 4 year degree, and something else.
I have a number of questions, my deployment is nearing its end and this place has a history of making SM's miss their report date by not cutting orders in a timely manner. Can you suggest a flow chart of how things are "supposed" to go with reporting to school? My unit still has me fenced but it shows that I am designated as reclassing, I was also told that it was no need to drop 4187 for fence to be lifted or waive 90 days stabilization because my orders should just be cut upon redeployment. Can you also point me in the direction of anything in print about the 3 yrs SRR? Also how is phase II coming along?
I wish I could help on that one, but as soon as I reclassed it really wasn't all that long (I was in a fenced in unit as well) till I had orders. My ERB all most immediately had Ft Sam as projected assignment, so if yours does not...then there is your red flag there.

I am NOT a Career Counselor, but I would not have reclassed unless there was some acknowledgement on my DD 4 (I believe that is the reup form #).
So in my case there was some type of ATTARS reservation code or date on the contract. My CC was really squared away.

At any rate, most ARE squared away. Keep whomever your Badge wearing Career Counselor is on their GOOD SIDE.

I don't have a perfect solution for that one, you will have to get creative. I would just try to make an appointment with the guy (maybe drop him some inside info as to who is looking to reup, and who is straight wasting his time)while there and candidly express your concerns. Just make sure its not at a bad time for them, repeat make sure its not a bad time for them.

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops for people to do their job, and you AREN'T because they DID do their job after all. If/when something goes wrong you want them to work for you, and thats where your rapport comes into play.

Thats the best strategy I can offer. Regardless keep the forum posted as to any cockblocks to your progress, as I am sure other troops will hit similar roadblocks and need guidance.
I did a 4187 to reclass. S-1 still dosen't see anything in EDAS which is what they used to published the on orders list, however S-1 did check another website and there was an assignment posting there. I have an reservation in ATTRS with a report date so I am told not to worry however if I am supposed to have a projected date on my ERB then I need to tell someone. My assigned career counselor said I should have something on my ERB 120 days out which would give me a follow on assignment in september.
I had mine about a year out. I reupped though.

One you get close to schoolhouse graduation it can get hectic, tomorrow is 30 days out and not a single Active Duty Soldier has a timeline as to when orders will be cut or an idea where we are going.

Its one of the most frustrating things about the course, I would like to bring my dog with me if I go overseas, but most countries/OCONUS assignments require unique pet bloodwork, so I will try and cover all the bases and timelines.
Ok with keeping the forum updated according the BDE retention counselor there is a decision worksheet that accompanies the decision from DA when you complete a 4187 for reclassification and it is approved. Mine states that I will attend school in a TDY Enroute status with follow on assignment TBD no less than 150 days from reporting to school. Does anyone new or old to the forum ever encountered this?
Greetings to everyone.

I just joined this website because I think it's important to use all the resources available to disseminate information.

I am an instructor and Director of Clinical Education at the Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program (aka 68V course) and I just typed up a long answer to a post elsewhere on this site. If you're interested, look up the forum "the truth about 68V".

I can answer any of your questions regarding the program. I'll try to keep this discussion updated as soon and as often as I can. Things at the schoolhouse are rocking! It's a great time to be an IRTP student!

Oscar Lopez-Martinez MAEd,RRT,CPFT
Director of Clinical Education
Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program
Medical Education & Training Campus
Fort Sam Houston, TX
BTW, we are working on getting a really cool website for the MOS that is full of the latest information and resources to help past, present and future military RT's. As soon as we do, I'll let everyone know. However, we do have a Facebook page. Look up Interservice Respiratory Specialist Program and ask to be a member.

The very first AAS degree class will graduate on July 22nd, 2011! As soon as I get the e-vite, I'll post it on this website.
I am a graduate from the 09 class, and think it is awesome that you are saving the future headaches of having to complete their degree, study for the CRT, and in my case take it overseas. I looked for the Facebook page, but could not find it, I have the old website saved, and use that for info when soldiers inquire abou the MOS's.

Now to make us Officers,
(they did it with P.A's crossing my fingers)
Did you put "Interservice Respiratory Therapist Program" in the search window? It should come up.
I see that you're in Heidelberg. I was there from '98-01. Loved it, although from a clinical standpoint it was too slow. Not the ideal place for a new RT. Good thing I was an old RT with almost 20 years under my belt.
I used to love walking down the Hauptstrasse towards the castle, stopping here and there for a beer and something to eat.
Is Europa's restaurant still open? Loved their pizzas, cannelloni carbonara, and the spaghetti ice cream!

If you went through the school in '09 I taught you. What's your name?
As for the officer thing....I don't ever see that happening. Until ALL Rt's are required to have an advanced degree and become registered in order to work, it's not going to happen. On top of that, another officer MOS has to be willing to give up their officer slots in order to create a new one for us. Like I said, I don't see it happening.

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