Currently Heidelberg is no place for an R.T no matter their level of experince, we currenlty have 4 assigned to HMEDDAC, and not one is doing R.T stuff, one is Clin OPs, one is O-Room, One In-processing Center, and one is training. Noe of us work in the department, the department is not even open. Once they recieved the offical closure orders for Heidelberg that was it for us.

SGT Robert West Jan 09- OCT 09
Hi Ms Mendoza,
You no longer have to have the algebra and chemistry to enroll in this program. The prerequisites are English Composition I and a Humanities course, both passed with a minimum grade of “C”.
However, if you are Navy, you would have to have English Composition I and II, Humanities, Sociology, and Math.

I hope that answers your question.
Without over complicating things SGT 68V your best bet would be to read the most recent "Eagan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care" from cover to cover, highlight, make notes in the text, and tab each chapter with the professional kind of THICK plastic reference tabs. You will read the whole thing anyways.
Hi, I am reading these post all night long, because I am interesting the 68V MOS too, I have a question about reclass to this mos, I am currently SGT(P). Do you (members here) think that reenlistment NCO may take away my P-status from SGT in order to reclass this MOS? I have not yet talk to my retention center. If you have any info for this case, Please reply. I know that reclass for this MOS has to be NON promotable. That`s why I am asking.
Thank you,,

Yes, you will have to loose (P) as I did. It is also on the 91V (the predecessor to 68V link). Personally, I had to fill out a DA form 4187 submitted to HRC requesting removal of (P) status and it took about a month and a half for approval. It sucks as it will cause you to stagnate, but it IS what it IS. Certainly contact your BADGE WEARING CAREER COUNSELOR....NOT UNIT RETENTION for the latest MILPER messages as they should be the subject matter experts.

In the end it is your decision as to how bad YOU want it.
Congrats to all who passed their CRT exam on the first try. That's an awesome accomplishment and speaks highly of their preparation and training! There are still a few more left to take the test so keep your fingers crossed for them.
Graduation is this Friday, July 22nd, at 1000 in Anderson Hall (MIF 4). It will be the first graduation of the new advanced level associate degree Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program, the first enlisted program that I am aware of to award a degree upon completion! I am proud of each and every one of you.

Oscar Lopez MAEd, RRT, CPFT
Director of Clinical Education
Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program
Medical Education & Training Campus
Ft Sam Houston, TX
I remember when this thread was on its first page, been reading for a while.

Hello guys,

I am a DOS (Days of Service)soldier. I am trying to come back, but unfortunely they are not accepting active duty females. I decided to come back as reserve, so I can still be a part. I want to come back as 68V. I would've been a 68W back when they were 91W. I am currently meeting with a recruiter to find out becoming a 68V. I see that there is a wait list for this MOS. I want this MOS in particular. I know a good deal about the human body because I have a few credits from Kaplan University in Nutrition, where you have to learn about the body anyway. Does anyone have any ideas to help me get this MOS? Please help me.
Hello Armybest68V,

I'm glad to hear that you're interested in our MOS. I'm not familiar with the term DOS, but if you are going through the reserves and they find a slot for you in or class, then great.

Here is information about the Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program (IRTP) [that's the official title of our program]:

Phase 1, USA and USAR only; general education courses. During the first eight weeks of the program, students will complete three credit hours of English Composition II, three credit hours of Social Studies, and three credit hours of College Math taught by faculty from Thomas Edison State College. Students who fail any of these courses will be re-evaluated by the program director or representative and a representative from Thomas Edison State College for further attendance in the program. The following four weeks consist of general medical courses intended to prepare students without prior medical background for the subsequent respiratory care courses. The following 16 weeks consists of didactic training, conducted at the Medical Education & Training Campus, Fort Sam Houston (FSH), Texas (TX).

Interested applicants must submit an official college transcript to “Military and Veterans Office, Thomas Edison State College, 101 W. State, Trenton, NJ 08608.

Army prerequisites:

Active Army: SPC promotable and SGT non-promotable. The Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) upon completion of this course is 28 months IAW AR 614-200, Chapter 4, Table 4-1.

Reserve Component: SPC promotable and SGT. The SRR upon completion of this course is 28 months IAW AR 614-200, Chapter 4, Table 4-1.

A minimum score of 105 in aptitude area ST in Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior to 2 January 2002:

A minimum score of 102 in aptitude area ST in ASVAB tests administered on or after 2 January 2002

This course is for in-service personnel only and is not open for Initial Entry Training.

Academic prerequisites include three credit hours of English Composition I and three credit hours of Humanities from an accredited college or university with a grade of “C” or better. Soldiers who have not taken college English I or Humanities may submit a passing CLEP score in both subjects

Soldiers must have good eye-hand coordination.

Prior to departure from home station, Soldiers are required to reenlist or extend their term of enlistment to meet the SRR upon completion of the course. When reporting for training and it is determined that Soldiers do not meet the SRR, they will not be accepted into the course unless they reenlist or extend to meet the SRR.

Enlisted women who are pregnant must be counseled and/or processed IAW AR 635-200.

Army students must meet physical and mental standards IAW DA PAM 611-21, Military Occupational Classification and Structure. Height/weight and physical fitness must be in accordance with
AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program, and TC3-22.20, Army Physical Readiness Training.

The Physical Demanding Rating is Medium-lift occasional 50 lb; frequent 25 lb.

If you have any other questions about the program, feel free to contact me on this forum. I know that there are many out there with questions and this is a good way to answer all of them by someone who is "on the inside" Smiler

Best of luck,
Oscar Lopez-Martinez, MAEd, RRT
Director of Clinical Education
Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program
Medical Education & Training Campus
Ft Sam Houston, TX
I left out information about phase 2.

Phase 2 training is 16 weeks, consisting of clinical training, conducted at one of the following Phase 2 sites: Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), FSH, TX; or the USN Medicine Training Center (NMTC), FSH, TX.

Total training time for Army students is 44 weeks, resulting in graduates earning an Associate in Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy degree AND the Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credentials, provided you pass the national certification exam which we pay for and we schedule our students to take about a week before the graduation ceremony. So far our students have about a 90% pass rate.


Is this program available to Army SGT's who are promotable? I am extremely interested in this MOS. I am currently a 68W Health Care Specialist. I'm up for re-enlistment in OCT and looking to either re-class or obtain an ASI for my current MOS. After talking to our PA, he advised me to research this program. I currently have not taken English I or Humanities and am unable to CLEP them prior to my re-enlistment window as I am currently deployed and do not have access to an education center. Would I be able to re-enlist for this program and complete those courses prior to my report date for the program? Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.
SGT Cerda,

If a SGT(P) is interested in our program, he/she must drop the promotable status in order to be accepted into the program. In a reply I posted earlier I copied all the requirements for Army (active and reserve). Check it out.

Unfortunately, if you do not have the Eng I and Humanities from an accredited college with a "C" or better, you do not meet requirements for this program.

Good luck!
Thank you for responding to my post, Mr. Lopez.

I want this MOS as much as I want to join the Army. Days of Service is what they use to call Non Prior Service Glossy, meaning that you did less than 180 days in the military before. I am trying to enlist ASAP. I want to leave ASAP, but I'm definitely hopefully for the January class.

As far as prerequisites, I should enlist as a PFC because that was my previous rank. My ST score is 104 and I took my ASVAB in December 2005. I have been told that it is for in-service, but my recruiter said that she will try and see if I can get this. I have a few college credits. I have credits in English 1 and 2. I have 3 credits in Math and Social Studies. I might have to retake them, but I should pass them. I was studying for a degree in Nutrition Science. I have even took Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 and Microbiology. I think I have a pretty good idea what I will be getting myself into. I just had to give you a little of my history.

I am just hoping it will happen. Please tell me what you think and wish me luck.
Mr Lopez,

Do you know if they have any training seats for fy13? I am a detailed recruiter with a projected assignment end date of may 2013 and an ets of june 2013 so I am starting to look at my options. If not do you believe this mos will still have a shortage in fy13
Originally posted by CRT:
To reclass to 68V you have to be a SPC-P or SGT-Non P, this is why the In/Out Call shows a SL1 of N/A. You you ever see a 68V below E4 there are either a reservist or got in trouble.

Got it thanks makes sense with the cutoff so low.
My apologies for the redundancy but I just wanted verification as far as the promotable status goes. I reenlisted for 68V in December as a Specialist non-promotable and was told by my reenlistment NCO that because I reenlisted as non-promotable I needed to stay that way. Now it looks like I need to get a promotable status in order to keep my slot for the January class is that correct? I am due there in January as stated before. I'm dual military BUT he will be coming back from deployment right as I am leaving from KS for TX. We have a daughter and she is listed as my dependent since I am the higher ranking member. Soooo my question is...can I stay in the barracks and still get my BAH if my daughter is not with me at the beginning of the class? If not...Do I still need to show up 10 days prior to get the TDY leave to get an apartment? Report date is Jan 16.
And just to make sure..Philosophy is a humanities class right?
Originally posted by Veauxx:
Thanks to everyone for their help. I passed the board today so now I have my promotable status. Also received my PCS orders last week with a report date of Jan 10th.

I wonder why your report date is JAN 10 and mine is JAN 16...hmmm
I can't remember if it does I took it a long time ago. You can e-mail Thomas Edison at and they will be able to tell you. I also had to send them a copy of my official transcripts and change them to my home college at the education center. Okay my ako e-mail wasn't working this morning. The military counselor I've been working with there is George Berko He's very quick to respond to any e-mails or questions.
Looks like the class is set to start on Jan 20th so I wouldn't worry about the later report date. You can get PTDY from the losing or gaining unit. However, it's usually easier to get it from the losing unit. When you submit your da 31 just make sure that you include that in your notes. Also you will need to report to housing or you will be charged for the days you thought were PTDY. If I'm wrong on this please correct me but I've done quite a bit of research and this is what I've found.
Is there anyone else on here who's set to start 68V AIT in January? So far it looks like SGT 68V, SGTMoslak, and myself. I'd like to know if living in the barracks is an option as well. My wife and I submitted our "packet" to housing this week and they told us they have a six month wait. So my wife may be staying with family for a bit. Does anyone know how recent the deployment has to be to get priority for housing? My ERB has an April2011 return date from Afghanistan.
I'm in the class that just started.

If your dependents are not with you, your BAH will switch to San Antonio rates and on top of that you'll get a barracks room, but you can't get dual BAH. If your dependents come later, you might not be able to get PTDY when they arrive.

If you want PTDY, get it from your losing unit, definitely show up at least 10 days prior to your report date, and only sign into Housing the day it starts. Your class starts on the day it's scheduled to start, and you in-process before that.

Also, handle every issue you can before you leave wherever you're coming from. Yes it's a PCS move, but you're a student here, not permanent party. You in-process in a massive group with all the brand new Privates coming to Fort Sam, and that's not the time to try to resolve any issues.

Be aware that once your class starts, you'll be in class all day, every day. It's not difficult in the beginning, but you're still in the classroom from 0830 until 1700 or so. The class schedule is very strict. We even have class on days that are training holidays for the rest of the post.

A few other things to note:

- They are very serious about the two college prerequisites (English Comp 1 and a Humanities course). If you don't have them you have to CLEP them on your own time, while keeping up with the classwork.

- Have a YELLOW reflective belt for PT (no orange for students). PT is only three days a week, but it's at 0530!

- Make sure your Class A and Class B uniforms are squared away. You wear Class Bs to school once a week and there's a Class A inspection once a month.

- You wear your current/losing unit's patches, crests, etc. for the whole time you're here. Make sure you have extras.

- If you're debating whether or not to bring your family... everyone seems to hate the barracks. My wife and I live off post, and we love it here.

I've only been here a month, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
Thanks for the quick response that was very helpful. How long did you have to wait for housing, and how many bedrooms? I was told six months but that's for a four bedroom (I'm married with four kids). If you're not dual military can you still stay in the barracks even if you're pulling BAH? Thanks for the heads up on the class b uniform I'll get that squared away before I come. With all the studying that you have to do, do you find that you have enough time to spend with your family or is it pretty frustrating for your wife?
Let me clarify about the "dual BAH"... I don't know how it works if you're dual military with your spouse and kids not here. Whatever the arrangement, I'm sure it's fair. What I meant was that if you're NOT dual military, you can't draw BAH for your family and then a partial or "BAQ Diff" for yourself to get an apartment off post. You'll just be in the barracks if your family isn't here, with San Antonio BAH to support your family, regardless of where they're located. Also note that I don't know if that's the way it's *supposed* to be, but that's the situation here. There are also a lot of Guard and Reserve Soldiers in my class, and their BAH situations are different altogether.

I didn't even look into on-post housing. San Antonio has lots of housing options and it's a lot cheaper than we're used to. If you can get PTDY, 10 days should be plenty to find an off-post house or apartment. Housing 1 Source is a private, free military relocation specialist located just down the road, and they're very helpful:
They'll also work with the utility companies for you to get security deposits waived. Lots of local realtors have no fees for renters, too. We ultimately took a house through ReMax.

As for free time and studying... so far it has been fine. We haven't started the medical classes yet, and that's when everyone says it gets tough. If you have four kids at home, I would just suggest that you be sure to have a place that you can quietly work and study.
No, I'm sure you won't lose his BAH. I don't know for sure how it will work, but I know they won't do that. See if Finance at your current post can tell you exactly what you're entitled to and how to fill out the paperwork. You won't get much in the way of personalized service when you in-process Finance here at the same time as 400 other people.
I apologize if this has already been asked as I've seen a lot of posts regarding housing but it appears that it is all about AD housing. Could anyone tell me what housing is like for Reservists. Also, are there any differences in the "off time" for reservists?
Thanks for your help

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