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Hello, I will be declassing from 13T to 68v in Oct 2014. I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything to help ease the transition. I HV already bought the Egan's Respiratory Care book and HV started to read it. Where could I possibly be stationed? Will I deploy in this MOS? Also, my husband and I are trying to HV a baby if I become pregnant will I still be able to go to the school? If not its cool we can wait. If anyone knows anything helpful on this MOS please fill free to educate me. Thank you! All the Way! Airborne!!
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I have been doing research also because I have a school date for Oct 3rd 2013. From what I have found out you really can only be stationed at post that have hospitals at them. Most clinic don't have respiratory specialist and send people out for care. With that being said I wonder if one could end up being stationed at joint hospitals. Like an AFB or NSA because I know that some hospitals have Army units at them. As far as being pregant I dont know. The only thing I can think of is that they may want you to pass and apft before you gradute plus what happens if you have the baby mid way thru the course. This program only has a couple courses a year so it would be hard for them to push you to the next class.
Hows it going first of all let me congratulate you on getting a school slot. The 68V career field is expanding but it is still very competitive to receive a school slot. Now to your questions while most assignments you have will most likely have you working in a Hospital your not limited to them you may also be stationed in a Combat Support Hospital. If you have a particular base in mind I can let you know but realistically their are too many to list. As far as the pregnancy question this is just my opinion. When I went through 68V school one of the students became pregnant and she was aloud to complete the course. If I was you I would wait. The 68V course has a very difficult curriculum and you really dont want to miss too much class time to appts etc making the course much more difficult on you. If you have any more questions please feel free to post here and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. I went through the course about 5 yrs ago and was just recently in San Antonio doing some training so I am fairly farmiliar with the program.
For a minute i thought "nevermind" but then i decided i have to say something.

I don't know anything about 68V but i decided to read this post anyways. When the OP mentioned about "HV" i thought was something to do with the 68V field...so i had no idea what it was. Then i saw she mentioned about "HV a baby"...i thought what the hell...So, it took me a minute to realized that she meant "HAVING" an baby!!! How hard is to spell out "have" instead of "HV"!?!?! I can only hope i will never get to be in the same hospital where the OP will work...i don't think i can trust someone who is too lazy to spell out a 4 letter word, to take care of me or my family.
Are you single or married?

If married live about 5 miles away from BAMC. Cause why would you want to spend money on gas, about an hour a day stuck in traffic, all pulling time away from your studies and family. Get a home on post. It is in walking distance to the school house so grab it. That alone will help you with time management. As a HUGE portion of the class is just that....time management.

If you don't have kids yet...then wait till after class, otherwise you really will be putting too much on your plate.

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