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I am reclassing to 68V. My class start date is 14 May 2012. I am a married Soldier but I will be PCSing unaccompanied. I really would like some information so I can decide whether to live in the barracks or go through the stress of finding off post housing. I can deal with permanent party style barracks where each Soldier has their own room and shares 1 common area/bathroom between 2 Soldiers, but I can't share a room with someone else or even worse, sleep on bunk beds(did that downrange). I also need to know how we are going to in-process. Do we do this as a group or do I need to report early. My class date is fast approaching and I really need guidance.
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If you are arriving as a "single" Soldier you will live in the barracks. I cannot tell you which one at this time due to the space and the shuffling between Ft Sam and BAMC. You will not need to show up early for inprocessing as you will do this in a group.
I am the NCOIC of the school and will be sending out a welcome letter shortly to all members of Class 002-12.
Hi Soldiergirl4922,

I will be attending the same course in 18 JAN 13, if you could give me some info please I would appreciate it. I will be doing the same & leaving my family home while I go to school. So if you can give me incite on the course, inprocessing, & the barracks I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks in Advance.

I am on orders to attend school there in Jan 2014 and was wondering what happened with your housing situation? I am dual military, my husband and daughter are going to stay at our current duty station so I'll be PCSing as a "single soldier". I'm just curious if they gave you a hard time about staying in the barracks or anything. I really appreciate your help! Thank you.

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