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I was just wondering if it was possible to enlist as 68W-M6. I have been looking online and it seems like I can get it in my contract but the recruiter told me that it works more merit based and that it is not possible to have it in my contract.
I scored high enough on the ASVAB to get in there quite easily. I do not have any prior service.
Any help on this subject would be nice. Smiler
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nd to be corrected, yes you can re

This would be my first time enlisting. SO the e-5 and below req. is not a problem. I was just wondering if I can just enlist for it. I read here that if you are re-enlisting you can do it. But haven't read anything about enlisting. Not even sure if there is a difference.
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I thought this was a re-up for you. Well then I think you should be ale to get it and don't settle for anything. There is a waiver for almost everything in the Army......lol
Good luck

Thank you. Smiler For such a fast respond.
All is correct. I put numerous people within 68WM6 positions, however the unit must have an open vacancy for you to get it! This has been becoming a major issue within the area I recruited from recently, as the units were all full of these positions. The days of double and tripple slotting soldiers into one vacancy is just about gone. Use to be they would do it but you would get no additional incentives beside the $4500/year tuition assistance, and that MGIB-Reserve Select -- no Kicker, no bonus.

What I did was I'd put people into a 68W position within the unit, then later on down the road, the unit would send them to M6 school to become certified.

Active duty 68WM6 has become almost non existent. They are out there, but rare to come by an open position!
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