68W MOS and ASI

i enlisted as 68w will start BCT soon then AIT
wondering what the chances to get ASI...i heard in active duty its pretty hard because so much competition ..so if anyone has some info about that ..and how accessible? and would they offer you ASI after finish AIT or have to wait a year of service?
and if anyone graduated recently from 68W..what are the textbook used there?
id like to ready some and prepare in advance
thank you so much
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An Additional Skill Identifier can be offered as Option 3 (training of choice) as a Retention incentive when IF you decide to stay in the Army after your first contract.

It can be offered by your unit, but that is like wishing to win the lotto.
I have only seen it one time in 9 years. However, I have seen MANY MANY Soldiers re-enlist for an ASI and receive it, IF there is a class seat available.

Obviously is training is full for the next 2 years, the Army can not just $hit out a spot for honor4 just cause.
68w here. To answer about the asi? No chance. Some classes will take their top 5 apft scores and send them to airborne school. Additionally you always have the option to put in a 4187 for flight medic, ranger medic, or special forces. A 4187 is basically an official request. It does not guarantee anything. Flight medic does have it's own asi now, which is nice.

As for a text book, google "emt-b study guide" and anything that comes up will do. If you ARE an emt, or want to get a jump, pick up copies of the special forces medic handbook and the ranger medic handbook. Sold at your nearest clothing and sales. If you need a copy sent let me know I'll see what I can do.

For advice... Run fast. Sleep when possible. Don't smoke. Stand at parade rest or attention unless told otherwise. Forget about the girl.

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